Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed

Guaranteed delivery next working day*


  • Tracked to delivery point
  • Delivered by 9am*, 1pm* or Next Day
  • Next Day delivered 7 days a week by end of day
  • Photo and signature on delivery
  • Guaranteed next working day - or get your money back
  • SMS or email notification of delivery day
  • Online delivery confirmation with GPS map


  • Saturday and Sunday delivery*
  • Compensation cover up to £2,500
  • Consequential loss cover up to a maximum of £10,000
  • Use Local Collect to offer click & collect options at 10,000 Post Offices and 1,200 Customer Service Points
  • Use Age Verification and ID Verification services for extra peace of mind that your item arrives in the right hands


How to use this service

This service is available with a Business Parcels Account.

To access a Business Parcels Account, you need to send a minimum of 20 items per week.

Call us on 03457 950950 to set up your account today (Monday to Friday 8am-6pm).

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You must drop off Special Delivery items before the latest acceptance time. Check our Special Delivery help page


Not a business? Special Delivery Guaranteed for personal customers



Max 100g |
Max L 24cm
x W 16.5cm
x D 0.5cm

e.g. Greetings cards, personal letters and postcards


Large Letter

Max 750g |
Max L 35.3cm
x W 25cm
x D 2.5cm

E.g. Magazines, CDs and DVDs



Max L 61cm
x W 46cm
x D 46cm

e.g. Gifts, shoes, heavy or bulky items


Parcel max weights:

2kg (9am)

20kg (1pm)

20kg (Next day, Sunday service)

Tubes and Rolls

Max 2kg |
Max L 90cm
x W *
x D *

The length plus twice the diameter must be less than 104cm, with the greatest dimension less than 90cm

Choose a shipping solution to suit you – whether you’re sending a one-off parcel or shipping thousands of packages every week.

Compare parcel shipping solutions

We restrict or prohibit certain items from our network. You are advised to carefully read the restrictions on items like:

  • Batteries
  • Aerosols
  • Perfumes or aftershaves
  • Nail varnish, polish or gel

Check our list of all items prohibited and restricted by Royal Mail

Royal Mail terms and conditions (pdf, 839.22 KB)

Specific terms for parcels (pdf, 233.95 KB)

UK parcels user guide (pdf, 5.85 MB)

Working days

Working days are Monday-Friday unless you've purchased Saturday Guaranteed delivery.



We can’t guarantee delivery by 9am to a number of postcode areas.

We can deliver by 9:30am to the following postcodes:

AB15-16, AB21-23, AB25, BA1, BA16, BA6, BB1-3, BB6, BD20-BD22, BH23, BH25, BL0-9, BN1-2, BN5-8, BN15, BN41, BN42-44, BR1-6, BS3-5, BS8, BS13-14, BS20-25, BS27, BS29, BS30-31, BS37, BS40-41, BS48-49, BT32, CA8-9, CA12, CA14, CA18-28, , CB6-8, CF14, CF3, CF5, CF15, CF30-33, CF35, CF37-38, CF62-64, CF72, CF81-83, CH1, CH3, CH6, CH8, CH25-29, CH30-34, CH41-49, CH60-66, CM5-6, CM9, CM13-20, CM22-23, CO1, CO2-16, CR4-5, CR8, CT1-4, CT11-CT12, CT18-21, CW1, CW10-12, CW2-4, CW6-7, DA6-7, DA16, DE5-6, DE45. DE65, DG1-2, DG12, DG16, DL1-4, DL9-11, DL13-15, , DN18-19, DN39-41, DT3-4, DT6-10, E1-6, E11-18, E20, E77, EX7, EX8, EX10, EX12-14, EX16-17, EX19, EX24, EX36,  FY8, G1, G11, G62, GL3-6, GL8-10, GL14, GL16-18, GL20, GL50-56,  GU6-25, GU34, GU46-47, GU51-52, HD7-8, HG4-5, HU4, HU11, HU17-18, HX1-7, IG1-7, IG11, IP1-5, IP8-11,  KT2-4, KT8, KT9, KT11-21, L1-5, L10-19, L22-23, L25-29, L37-40, LA5-7, LE16, LL11-14, LL16-19, LL21-22, LL28-29, LN7-8, LS18-21, LS28-29, M5, M6, M12-18, M20-24, M26-27, M30-31, M33-4, M41, M43-44, M90, , ME7-17 ML3-5, ML9-10, N8-12, N14-15, N17-N18, N20-22, N33, N44,  NE12, NE17-20, NE23-26, NE31-36, NE41-49, NE61-71, NG34, NP11, NR8, NR11, NR15-16, NR19-25, NR27-35, NW1, NW5, OL1-10, OL13, OX1-3, OX5, OX7, OX10-14, OX18, OX20, OX28-29, OX49, PE15, PE19-22, PE35, PL10-11, PL13, PL15-16, PL22, PL27-28, PO1, PO12-17, PO2-3, PO7-9, PR3-7, RG1-2, RG4-6, RG8, RG10, RG12, RG14, RG18-25, RG27-29, RG40-42, RG45, RH1-5, RH7-9, RH12-20, RM3, RM11-12, RM14-20, S44, SA17, SA19-20, SE4-6, SE9, SE12-15, SE19-26, SK1-9, SK12-14, SK16, SL5, SM1-3, SM5-7, SN10, SN12, SO14-23, SO25, SO30-32, SO41-42, SO45, SO50, SO52-53, SP1-2, SP4-7, SR8, SS0-2, SS22, SS99, ST10, ST13, SW1, SW10-15, SW18-19, SW4-9, SW20, SY10-11, SY22, TA1-7, TA11, TA21, TN8-18, TN23-27, TN30, TQ1-4, TQ9-14, TR10-11, TR15-16, TS1-5, TS15-29, TW3-6, TW9-19, WA13, WA16, WN1-6, WR10-14, YO1, YO10, YO17-19, YO25, YO42


We can deliver by 10am to the following postcode areas:

BA3-5, BA11-15, BB4-5, BB7-10-12, BN2-3, BN914, BN16-18, BN20-27, BN52, BR8, BS28, BT47-48, BT78-80, CB1, CB10-11, CB2, CB9, CF34, CF36, CF39-42, CF44, CF47-48, CF61, CF71, CO5, CO7,  CT7-17, CW5, DG3, DG5, DG7,   DL6-8, DL12,  DT5, EH1, EH11, EH13-14, EH18-27, EH29-EH30, EH36-38, EH47-49, EH52-55, EX22, EX31-33, EX37-38, FK3, FY1-3, FY7, G15, G20, G31-33, G41, G43-44, G51-G52, G60-61, G64-72, G74-79, G81-G82, G84, GL7, GU26, GU28-32, GU35, HR1-4, HR6, HR8-9, HU1-2, HU6-8, IP12-14, IP28-33, KA1-4, KA13, KA16-17, KA24-25, LA1-4, LA11, LA21-25, LL30-34, LL37-41, LL54-64, LL66-78, LN11, M29, M46, ML6, MLL1, NP4, NP10, NP12-13, NP15, NP18-20, NP22-26, NP44, NR11, NR26, OX9, OX15-17, OX25-27, OX39, PA11, PA13-19, PA4, PA7-8, PE16, PE24-25, PE36, PE38, PH1-2, PH14,  PO11, PO18-PO22, PR1-4, PR8-9, RG9, RG30-31, SA34, SA38-40, SA44-48, SA66-72, SE1-3, SE7-8, SE10-11, SE16-18, SE28, SK10-11, SK17, SK23, SO24, SW16-17, SW2-3, SW9, SY1 -5, SY13-17, SY19, SY21, TA10, TA16-19, TD1, TN6-7, TN20-22, TN28-29, TN31-40, TQ5-8, TR7-9, TR14, TR27, TS7-14, WR9, YO11-16

For alternative service please see Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm


The service is unavailable for the following postcodes:

AB10-14, AB30-39, AB41-45, AB51-56, BA10, BA20, BA21, BA22, BA7, BA8, BA9, BB18, BB94, BD23, BD24, BT34, BT34, BT35, BT42, BT43, BT44, BT47, BT49, BT51, BT52, BT53, BT54, BT57, BT60-61, BT68, BT70-71, BT74, BT76-77, BT81-82, BT92-94, CM3, DD1-6, DD8-11, DG8-DG9, DN31-37, EH4-6, EH9-EH10, EH15-17, EH31-35, EH39-46, EH51, EX23, EX34, EX39, FK1-2, FK4-6, FK7-16, G13-G14, GY1, GY9-10, HG1-3, HS1-9, IM1-9, IM86-87, IM99, IP7, IP15-28, IV1-9, IV10-28, IV30-32, IV36, IV40-V49, IV51-56, IV63, JE All, KA5-12, KA18, KA20-23, KA26-30, KW1-3, KW5-17, KY1-2, KY4-16, LA8-9, LA12-20, LD1-4, LD6, LL46-53, LN1-2, LN4-6, LN9-10, LN12-13, ML2, ML8, ML11-12, NP7-8, NP16, PA1-3, PA5-6, PA9-10, PA12, PA20-38, PA41-49, PA60-78, PE23, PE37, PH5-8, PH10-13, PH15-26, PH30-44, PH49-50, PL29-35, PO30-41, SA35-37, SA41-43, SA61-65, SP4, SP7-11, SY6, SY8, SY20, SY23-25, TA24, TD3-12, TD14-15, TR12-13, TR17-26, TR93, YO7, YO21-22, YO30-32, YO41, YO43, YO51, YO60-62,YO91, ZE1-3


Saturday delivery

Some businesses won't accept Saturday deliveries, including:

  • banks
  • building societies
  • travel agents
  • jewellers
  • Post Office® branches

We can't guarantee Saturday delivery to Isle of Man, Jersey, Herm, Sark and Alderney.

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