Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9am®

Guaranteed by 9am next day*


  • Full tracking
  • Photo and signature on delivery
  • Guaranteed delivery next day by 9am* or your money back
  • Compensation cover up to £50



  • Guaranteed Saturday delivery for an extra fee*
  • Additional compensation available up to £2,500


How to use this service

You can only buy Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9am in a Post Office branch.

Visit the Post Office

Prices, terms and conditions

Weight up to and including Compensation up to £50 Compensation up to £1,000 Compensation up to £2,500
100g £29.95 £36.95 £44.95
500g £34.95 £41.95 £49.95
1kg £39.95 £46.95 £54.95
2kg £49.95 £56.95 £64.95


VAT is applicable to Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9am. Prices shown include VAT.


Prices for guaranteed Saturday delivery

Weight Compensation up to £50 Compensation up to £1,000 Compensation up to £2,000
100g £32.95 £39.95 £47.95
500g £37.95 £44.95 £52.95
1kg £42.95 £49.95 £57.95
2kg £52.95 £59.95 £67.95


You can buy consequential loss cover for items which would be expensive to replace (e.g. a passport).

Sometimes the damage, delay or loss of an item can lead to greater loss than the actual value of the item itself. For such items you can buy our consequential loss cover of up to £10,000. This cover could be a wise choice for important legal documents or tax returns that may result in penalties if lost or not delivered on time. Just ask for consequential loss when you send your item by Special Delivery Guaranteed™. Make your claims through our Customer Services within 14 days of posting. You will need to provide the receipt for purchase as well as proof of the value of the indirect loss in order to make a claim.

How to make a claim


Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9am with consequential loss cover

Weight Cover up to £1,000 Cover up to £2,500 Cover up to £5,000 Cover up to £7,500 Cover up to £10,000
100g £32.23 £33.85 £35.77 £37.09 £39.67
500g £37.23 £38.85 £40.77 £42.09 £44.67
1kg £42.23 £43.85 £45.77 £47.09 £49.67
2kg £52.23 £53.85 £55.77 £57.09 £59.67

Prices include VAT

Consequential loss add on price per item

Maximum compensation Add on price per item
£1,000 £2.28
£2,500 £3.90
£5,000 £5.82
£7,500 £7.14
£10,000 £9.72


Working days

Working days are Monday-Friday unless you've purchased Saturday Guaranteed delivery.



We can’t guarantee delivery by 9am to a number of postcode areas.

We can deliver by 9:30am to the following postcodes:

AB15-16, AB21-23, AB25, BA1, BA6, BA16, BB1-3, BB6, BD20-22, BH23, BH25, BL0-9, BN1, BN2 (1-5), BN15, BN41-44, BN5-8, BR1-6, BS3-5, BS8, BS13-14, BS20-25, BS27, BS29-31, BS37, BS40 (5), BS41 (8), BS48, BS49 (4&5), BT32, CA8-9, CA12, CA14, CA18-CA28, CB6-8, CF3, CF5, CF14-15, CF30-33, CF35, CF37-38, CF62-64, CF72, CF81-83, CH1, CH3, CH6, CH8, CH25-34, CH41-49, CH60-66, CM5-6, CM9, CM13-20, CM22-23, CO1, CO2-4, CO5 (7), CO6, CO7 (7), CO8-9, CO10-16, CR4-5, CR8, CT1-4, CT11-12, CT18-21, CW1-4, CW6-7, CW10-12, DA6-7, DA16, DE5-6, DE45, DE65, DG1-2, DG12, DG16, DL1-4, DL9-11, DL13-15, DN18-19, DN39-41, DT3-4, DT6-10, E1-6, E11-8, E20, E77, EX7-8, EX10, EX12-14, EX16-17, EX19, EX24, EX36, FY8, G1, G11, G62, GL3-6, GL8-10, GL14, GL16-18, GL20, GL50-56, GU6-20, GU21 (1-9), GU22-25, GU34, GU46-47, GU51-52, HD7, HD8 (1), HD8 (8&9), HG4-5, HU4, HU11 (4&5), HU17-18, HX1-7, IG1-7, IG11, IP1-5, IP8, IP9 (1), IP10-11, KT2-4, KT8-KT9, KT11-21, L1-5, L2 (22, 23, 29), L10-19, L25-28, L3 (37-39), L40, LA5-7, LE16, LL11-14, LL16-19, LL21-22, LL28-29, LN7-8, LS18-21, LS28-29, M5-M6, M12-18, M20-24, M26-27, M30-31, M33-34, M41, M43-44, M90, ME7 (3), ME8-17, ML3-5, ML9-10, N8-12, N14-15, N17-18, N20-22, N33, N44, NE12, NE17-20, NE23-26, NE31-36, NE41-49, NE61-71, NG34, NP11, NR8 (6&7), NR11 (6), NR15 (2), NR16 (1), NR19-25, NR27-35, NW1, NW5, OL1-10, OL13, OX1-3, OX5, OX7, OX10-14, OX18, OX20, OX28-29, OX49, PE15, PE19-22, PE35, PL10-11, PL13, PL15-16, PL22, PL27-28, PO1-3, PO7-9, PO12-17, PR3 (0-3, 6,8, 9), PR4 (1-3, 6, 9), PR5-7, RG1-2, RG4-6, RG 8 (7&8), RG10, RG12, RG14, RG18-25, RG27-29, RG40-42, RG45, RH1-5, RH7-9, RH12-19, RH20 (1-4,6, 9), RM3, RM11-12, RM14-20, S4 (44), SA17, SA19-20, SE4-6, SE9, SE12-15, SE19-26, SK1-5, SK6 (0-9), SK7 (0-3), SK8-9), SK12 (1), SK13 (0, 5-9), SK14, SK16, SL5, SM1-3, SM5-7, SN10, SN12, SO14-23, SO25, SO30-31, SO32 (1-3), SO41-42, SO45, SO50-53, SP1-2, SP4 (4-6), SP5-6, SR7-8, SS0-2, SS22, SS99, ST10, ST13, SW1, SW4-8, SW10-15, SW18-20, SY10-11, SY22, TA1-7 , TA11, TA21, TN8-18, TN23-27, TN30, TQ1-4, TQ9-14, TR10-11, TR15-16, TS1-5, TS15-29, TW3-6, TW9-19, WA13, WA16, WN1-6, WR10-14, YO1, YO10, YO17-19, YO25, YO42


We can deliver by 10am to the following postcode areas:

BA3-5, BA11-15, BB4-5, BB7-8, BB10-12, BN2 (6-8), BN3, BN10-14, BN16-18, BN20-27, BN52, BN9, BR8, BS28, BT47 (2, 3,5,6), BT47 (3,5,6), BT48, BT78-80, CB1-2, CB9-11, CF34, CF36, CF39-42, CF44, CF47-48, CF61, CF71, CO5 (0,1, 8, 9), CO7 (0,5,6,8), CT7-10, CT13-17, CW5, DG7, DG3, DG5, DL6-7, DL8 (1-5), DL12, DT5, EH1, EH11, EH13-14, EH18-27, EH29-30, EH36-38, EH47-49, EH52-55, EX22, EX31-33, EX37-38, FK3, FY1-3, FY7, G15, G20, G31-33, G41, G43-G44, G51-52, G60-61, G64-68, G69 (0, 1, 9), G70-79, G81-82, G84, GL7, GU26, GU28-32, GU35, HR1-4, HR6, HR9, HU1-2, HU6-8, IP12-14, IP28 (6), IP29-33, KA1-4, KA13, KA16-17, KA24-25 LA1-4, LA11, LA21-23, LL23-25, LL30-34, LL37-41, LL54-64, LL66-78, LN11, M29, M46, ML1, ML6, NP4, NP10, NP12-13, NP15, NP18-20, NP22-26, NP44, NR11 (7), NR26, OX9, OX15-17, OX25-27, OX39, PA11, PA13-19, PA4, PA7-8, PE16, PE24-25, PE36, PE38, PH1-2 , PH14, PO11, PO18-19, PO20 (1-8), PO21-22, PR1-2, PR3 (5), PR4 (0), PR8-9, RG9, RG30-31, SA34, SA38-40, SA44-48, SA66-72, SE1-3, SE7-8, SE10-11, SE16-18, SE28, SK10-11, SK17, SK23 (6), SO24, SW2-3, SW9, SW16-17, SY1-5, SY13-17, SY19, SY21, TA10, TA16-19, TD1, TN6-7, TN20-22, TN28-29, TN31-40, TQ5-8, TR7-9, TR14, TR27, TS7-14, WR9, YO11-16

For alternative service please see Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm


The service is unavailable for the following postcodes:

AB10-14, AB30-39, AB41-45, AB51-56, BA10, BA20, BA21, BA22, BA7, BA8, BA9, BB18, BB94, BD23, BD24, BT34, BT34, BT35, BT42, BT43, BT44, BT47, BT49, BT51, BT52, BT53, BT54, BT57, BT60-61, BT68, BT70-71, BT74, BT76-77, BT81-82, BT92-94, CM3, DD1-6, DD8-11, DG8-DG9, DN31-37, EH4-6, EH9-EH10, EH15-17, EH31-35, EH39-46, EH51, EX23, EX34, EX39, FK1-2, FK4-6, FK7-16, G13-G14, GY1, GY9-10, HG1-3, HS1-9, IM1-9, IM86-87, IM99, IP7, IP15-28, IV1-9, IV10-28, IV30-32, IV36, IV40-V49, IV51-56, IV63, JE All, KA5-12, KA18, KA20-23, KA26-30, KW1-3, KW5-17, KY1-2, KY4-16, LA8-9, LA12-20, LD1-4, LD6, LL46-53, LN1-2, LN4-6, LN9-10, LN12-13, ML2, ML8, ML11-12, NP7-8, NP16, PA1-3, PA5-6, PA9-10, PA12, PA20-38, PA41-49, PA60-78, PE23, PE37, PH5-8, PH10-13, PH15-26, PH30-44, PH49-50, PL29-35, PO30-41, SA35-37, SA41-43, SA61-65, SP4, SP7-11, SY6, SY8, SY20, SY23-25, TA24, TD3-12, TD14-15, TR12-13, TR17-26, TR93, YO7, YO21-22, YO30-32, YO41, YO43, YO51, YO60-62,YO91, ZE1-3

Saturday delivery

Some businesses won't accept Saturday deliveries, including:

  • banks
  • building societies
  • travel agents
  • jewellers
  • Post Office® branches

We can't guarantee Saturday delivery to Isle of Man, Jersey, Herm, Sark and Alderney.

Further information

When we deliver your item we will collect a signature from the recipient or someone at their address. We will then update our online Track & Trace tool with details of the delivery date and time, providing a scan of the signature that you can view.

Go to Track & Trace


What can I do if the item is shown as delivered, but it hasn't been received?

  • Check whether the item was sent using a service that gets a signature on delivery. If it was, do you recognise the name or signature of the person who signed for it? The signature will be provided by the person who accepted the delivery and not always the person on the address label.
  • If the item was sent to your home, ask anyone else living there if they accepted the delivery. Please also check if the item has been left with a neighbour, or in your designated Safeplace if you have one.

We restrict or prohibit certain items from our network. You are advised to carefully read the restrictions on items like:

  • Batteries
  • Aerosols
  • Perfumes or aftershaves
  • Nail varnish, polish or gel

Check our list of prohibited and restricted items


Max 2kg |
Max L 61cm
x W 46cm
x D 46cm

Remember that you’ll need to allow time to get a certificate of posting for your Special Delivery Guaranteed item.

At a Post Office®

The latest acceptance time depends partly on the Post Office® you choose to use. Check opening times using Services near you.

Please try to arrive:

  • at least an hour before the Post Office® closes
  • no later than 4.30pm even if the Post Office® has a later closing time
  • no later than 11:00am if the Post Office® has a half day closing time.

Ask for further advice in person at your Post Office®.

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