Terms and Conditions

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On 1 January 2021 we made some changes to some of our terms and conditions. Please see royalmail.com/termschanges for further information.

All Royal Mail Business Account products and services are subject to our General terms and conditions, and associated terms which are available for you to view online.

Our four main terms and conditions documents are listed below, followed by links to specific terms for products and user guides.

On the right hand side of the page you will find useful links to recent terms changes, non-contract products and services, current prices, along with some helpful videos and guides to get you up and running.

Terms and conditions documents

Document Last update
Royal Mail general terms and conditions (pdf, 336.95 KB) January 2021
Royal Mail specific terms for parcels (pdf, 225.48 KB) October 2020
Royal Mail specific terms for international (pdf, 179.12 KB) July 2019
Royal Mail specific terms for marketing (pdf, 136.64 KB) January 2021
Royal Mail ID verification terms and conditions (pdf, 333.71 KB) September 2019
Royal Mail age verification terms and conditions (pdf, 101.01 KB) September 2019

Products referenced in the above terms and conditions documents also have their own user guides, which you can access by clicking on the links below.  

User Guides for products covered by these Terms and Conditions

Parcel products Marketing, publishing and
general correspondence
International products Other products
under the
General Terms
Royal Mail parcels user guide (pdf, 3.03 MB)

Royal Mail Advertising Mail®

Sustainable® Advertising Mail

Royal Mail Publishing Mail®

Royal Mail Business Mail®

Other Marketing, publishing and general correspondence products

International Business Mail

International Business Parcels

International Tracked Returns (pdf, 2.83 MB)

Response Services (pdf, 1.23 MB)

Pre-sorted Delivery and Early Extraction

Early Collect


Products not covered by the Royal Mail general terms and conditions

The products listed below are not covered by the Royal Mail general terms and conditions. You can click on each link to learn more about that product.

Changes from 1 April 2020 (for Door to Door)

The Door to Door Terms and Conditions consist of: 

We have revised our Terms and Conditions to make them simpler to understand and reorganised the location of some sections to better reflect the layout of other Royal Mail product documents:

  1. Our Cancellation Charges can now be found in our Rate Card
  2. Our Repackaging (previously known as “Rework”) Policy and Fees can also be found in the Rate Card – the fees from 1st April 2020 our rates will be £75 for the first hour, and £50 for each subsequent hour
  3. Our User Guide provides improved explanations of how Door to Door works and how to prepare contracts for handover, along with a checklist for new and existing customers to follow
  4. Updated schedules relating to our Boundary Match, Collection and Handover, and Heavyweight item services, and to our discretionary Late Booking offer
  5. Updated wording regarding customers’ and agents’ responsibilities when booking contracts, to:  
    • Book under the correct category item code
    • Book only items of a single weight and for a single brand
    • Provide a sample item for review
    • If an agent, state the identity of the client/brand they are booking on behalf of

The revised Standard Terms and Conditions document, the User Guide and the Rate Card will take effect on 1st April 2020.