Postal Service Act 2000

Non-contract products and services


Certain Royal Mail products or services have the charges, terms and conditions detailed in documents called ‘Schemes’. These Schemes are published under the Postal Services Act 2000 and mean that it is not necessary for Royal Mail to have individual contracts with each and every customer purchasing these products or using these services.

The Schemes in the London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes are the official versions and Royal Mail cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the consolidated versions made available here.

These Schemes have been amended and updated a number of times since they were first published and the original Schemes and all the amendments are published in the official journals, the London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes which are available from HMSO or

The schemes that are applicable from 24 September are new schemes. The others are versions that have consolidated all of the amendments (as have been made from time to time) with the original 2001 schemes. We make them available to you to download here as PDF files.

Occasionally it is necessary for Royal Mail to make changes to our postal schemes, when doing so we seek the views of interested stakeholders regarding our proposed new postal schemes before we finalise the wording. Please visit for more information on our schemes consultations.