Parcel Collect

We don’t just deliver, we’ll collect your parcels too.
Arrange a collection from your door today.
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Parcel Collect

We don’t just deliver, we’ll collect your parcels too.
Arrange a collection from your door today.
Book a collection

This winter, why not send and return your parcel from home or work? With Parcel Collect you won’t have to go out in all weathers, because your postie can collect your items from you for just 60p. And if you can’t print out a label, don’t worry, we’ll bring one with us.

Using Parcel Collect is easy…

Bought postage already or have a pre-paid return?

  1. Book your collection online or via the Royal Mail App
  2. Choose for us to bring your label*, or print one yourself
  3. We’ll collect!

Book a Collection


Haven’t bought your postage yet?

Simply buy your postage and then book your collection

Buy Postage

For a more detailed explanation on how to use Parcel Collect, please see our FAQs below.


Looking for a business collection?

Business collections

Don’t have a printer?

No problem. Just select our ‘Bring my label’ option when booking your UK collection online or via our App, and your postie will bring your labels to you.*

Postman collecting parcel from a customer

Have a return to send back?

No problem. Simply use the pre-paid returns label if you have one or buy your postage and print the label, book a collection and give it to your postie.*

Do you regularly sell through online marketplaces?

If you regularly sell online through the following online marketplaces, you can arrange a collection for FREE until 31 December 2021**.

You can put all your orders from your online stores into your Click & Drop account and get your packages out the door in no time. Click & Drop integrates with the most popular online stores and supports multiple store accounts. 

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Parcel Collect FAQs

  1. Buy postage with Click & Drop either online or on the Royal Mail App. Or you can use a pre-paid label.
  2. Select the items you wish to have collected and input the recipient and sender details
  3. Once the items are in your basket, select the “Arrange collection” option
  4. You can then add the collection details, select the day of your collection and proceed to checkout as normal
  5. Either print your label and affix to your parcel, or choose our “Bring my label” service and we’ll bring your labels to you*
  6. Your postie will call round to collect your parcel as part of his usual ‘round’

There’s no limit to the number of items you can have collected with Parcel Collect, but we recommend if you are sending more than 20 parcels a week, please speak with us about a Business account.

Please ensure your item has a postage label affixed that you have purchased or received as a Returns label which is not the QR code.

Why not try our Bring My Label service when booking a collection?

Alternatively, your postie can bring your labels when they come to collect. Simply select the ‘Bring my label’ option* as you’re booking your collection. Your postie will bring your labels on your collection date, and pass them to you to affix to your parcel(s).

You can arrange to leave your parcel(s) in your nominated Safeplace for collection.***

Yes we can collect returns. If you’re using a pre-paid and printed label, when booking your collection for a Tracked Return item, please use the reference number on the label containing the retailer’s return address. Otherwise we can’t accept your item and you may still be charged.

If you don’t have a pre-paid, printed label, you can buy postage and book a collection.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, service may be disrupted and we may need to suspend Parcel Collect in certain areas. If this is the case, you will be presented with a message to let you know we’re unable to book collections for your postcode at the moment. Please check our Service Updates page for the latest information.

Yes, you can arrange a collection with our Parcel Collect service using the Royal Mail App. Visit, and book a collection from the App home screen.

We’re sorry but our Parcel Collect service can’t be used to return COVID-19 home test kits. If you book a collection using Parcel Collect and attempt to hand a COVID-19 home test to us, we will refuse to accept it and you won’t be entitled to a refund.

If you’ve been sent a COVID-19 home test kit from HM Government please follow the instructions you received with the kit. If your test isn’t from HM Government, then please make sure you follow the instructions you received and apply the purple address label before posting your completed test in your nearest Priority Postbox.

Find out more about returning COVID-19 home tests.

Do you need a next day guaranteed delivery? If so, please continue to take your item to a Post Office® and ask for Special Delivery Guaranteed. We add a working day to our aims and guarantees with Parcel Collect as we collect at the same time as making our regular deliveries.

Do you want to post a Special Delivery Guaranteed item but don’t need it to be guaranteed for the next working day? You can book a collection; we’ll still take care of your items and deliver them as safely as we usually do. We just add a working day to the guarantee so they’ll be guaranteed to be delivered within two working days (exceptions apply).

*We can only bring labels through the Bring my label service for UK parcels and not for international items. We also cannot bring labels for returns.

** Collection is priced at zero pence from 15 November 2021 until 31 December 2021 (inclusive) for all Parcel Collect bookings of items purchased via or eBay. The zero pence promotion applies only to the collection price and not the collection item’s postage. It does not apply if purchased through an OBA business account.

***If you are opting to use the Bring My label service, your postie can only bring one pre-printed postage label if the collection is from your Safeplace.

Parcel Collect Terms and Conditionspdf, 158.45 KB – Last updated 15 November 2021