Sold overseas? Send your parcels with confidence

International shipping has changed to accommodate Brexit and other border controls around the world, but it is still easy to ship overseas if you buy your postage online with Royal Mail. Just follow these quick and simple steps:

Step 1

Register here

Register with us as a ‘personal customer’; you will be prompted to enter your details.

Once logged in you will see the Click & Drop homepage.

Step 2

Choose ‘Settings’ to input default data such as customs and trading details, and from there choose ‘Trading Names’ to set up your default IOSS details.

For items up to 150 Euros, add in the eBay Internet One Stop Shop (IOSS) code to ensure vat and duty is charged through your eBay account.

Choose ‘IOSS’ from the dropdown menu. 

Your IOSS number must be in the correct format.

You can also add other tax scheme data here.

Step 3

Once finished with Trading details you can also set default Customs information.

Select ‘Default Customs Information’ from the Settings page.

Enter your customs preferences such as IOSS threshold.

Step 4

To create an order, click ‘Orders’ and choose ‘Create order’ or ‘Import’, if you are uploading an import file. You can integrate your online marketplace account with us for quick and convenient shipping.

Step 5

Enter the recipient details. You can then either add product details to the order, create the order, or create the order and apply postage.

Enter the weight of your item and choose your preferred service.

Step 6

Enter your item contents and customs data making sure all mandatory fields are populated – these have red asterisk to show which fields are required. Choose ‘Sale of Goods’ for any items of commercial value i.e. goods sold via a marketplace.

You can set up Products in the system where you frequently sell the same item, speeding up this process.

Step 7

Once complete you can pay and generate your labels.

Step 8

Why not book a collection?

Print and affix your label and customs document to your parcel(s)

We’ll take it from here!

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