International Tracked & Signed

Added peace of mind for sending important or valuable items


  • Europe delivery aim: 3-5 working days1
  • Worldwide delivery aim: 5-7 working days
  • Fully tracked to delivery point
  • Signature on delivery
  • Online delivery confirmation
  • Free returns for undelivered items
  • Compensation cover up to £50


  • Additional compensation cover up to £250


1 Delivery aim to Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Luxembourg is 3-4 working days

International Tracked & Signed cannot be sent to PO Boxes or Pack Stations, because a signature cannot be captured. This restriction does not apply when items are sent to Africa or the Middle East

How to buy

You can buy postage online, print the label yourself, and drop your item at the Post Office® or a Royal Mail customer service point:

Click & Drop now

If you prefer, you can buy postage at a Post Office branch:

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  Europe World Zone 1 World Zone 2 World Zone 3
Weight up to and including Price Price Price Price
10g £6.45 £6.45 £6.45 £6.45
20g £6.45 £6.85 £6.85 £6.85
100g £6.90 £7.75 £7.80 £7.75


Large Letters        
  Europe World Zone 1 World Zone 2 World Zone 3
Weight up to and including Price Price Price Price
100g £8.50 £9.25 £9.80 £9.35
250g £8.95 £10.35 £11.40 £10.55
500g £9.80 £12.15 £13.90 £12.45
750g £10.20 £13.95 £16.65 £14.40


Parcels and Printed Papers*                
  Europe   World Zone 1   World Zone 2   World Zone 3  
Weight up to and including Price Online price Price Online price Price Online price Price Online price
100g £9.85 £9.60 £11.10 £10.85 £12.00 £11.75 £12.88 £12.58
250g £9.90 £9.65 £12.00 £11.75 £13.25 £13.00 £14.34 £14.04
500g £11.55 £11.30 £15.75 £15.50 £17.50 £17.25 £18.68 £18.38
750g £12.60 £12.35 £18.15 £17.90 £20.45 £20.20 £21.23 £20.93
1kg £13.55 £13.30 £20.80 £20.55 £23.70 £23.45 £24.68 £24.38
1.25kg £14.00 £13.75 £22.90 £22.65 £26.40 £26.15 £27.83 £27.53
1.5kg £14.75 £14.50 £24.30 £24.05 £28.90 £28.65 £30.48 £30.18
1.75kg £15.10 £14.85 £25.10 £24.85 £30.50 £30.25 £31.65 £31.35
2kg £15.35 £15.10 £26.00 £25.75 £32.15 £31.90 £33.21 £32.91
Printed papers only*                
Each additional 250g or part thereof up to 5kg add £1.25   £1.90   £2.40   £2.53  


Prices are exempt from VAT

Includes compensation up to £50. For compensation up to £250, add £2.50 to the prices in this table.

Check the world zone map



Max 100g |
Max L 24cm
x W 16.5cm
x D 0.5cm

e.g. Greetings cards, personal letters and postcards


Large Letter

Max 750g |
Max L 35.3cm
x W 25cm
x D 2.5cm

E.g. Magazines, CDs and DVDs



Max 2kg |
Max L 60cm
x W *
x D *

*L+D+W must be under 90cm


Tubes and Rolls

Max 2kg |
Max L 90cm
x W *
x D *

The length plus twice the diameter must be less than 104cm, with the greatest dimension less than 90cm


L=Length, W=Width, D=Depth

You can send printed papers up to 5kg

‘Printed papers’ is bound printed matter such as books or magazines. Your package should be marked ‘PRINTED PAPERS’ on the front

For sending to Ireland, only books can be classed as 'printed papers'

Maximum weight for sending printed papers to Canada and Cambodia is 2kg

It is your responsibility to check that whatever you are sending is permitted in the post.

You must check both:

If you’re sending to a country outside the EU, you need to apply a customs declaration form to your package. They’re available online or in a Post Office® branch.

  • For items with a value up to £270, you will need customs form CN22pdf, 394.05 KB.
  • For items with a value over £270, you will need customs form CN23pdf, 227.98 KB and clear plastic wallet SP 126, also available at any Post Office® branch.

Help with customs and sending items outside the EU

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