About Us

Royal Mail is an established brand with more than 500 years of history, from its beginning as a postal service exclusively for the King and his Court to the international delivery service it is today.

Our postmen and women are committed to delivering six days a week to the 32 million homes across the United Kingdom. Since 2013, the service has been a public listed company on the London Stock Exchange as a subsidiary of International Distributions Services plc. To this day our leadership and shareholders, which includes Royal Mail employees, have been committed to continuing and further strengthening our postal service’s reputation for reliability and consistency. 

Prior to privatisation, Post Office Limited was a subsidiary of Royal Mail Group, Royal Mail holding responsibility for delivering letters and parcels and the Post Office providing over the counter services. In 2011 The Postal Services Act was passed, paving the way for the separation of Royal Mail Group Ltd and Post Office Ltd in 2012 ahead of the privatisation of Royal Mail in 2013. 

In recent years, Royal Mail has been optimising its network to compete efficiently in the structural growth parcels market, alongside its traditional letters business. We are a modern, digitally innovative brand, connecting customers, companies and countries.

Transforming our network and working practices to handle more parcels is a key part of our growth plan as we seek to make the most of the opportunity we have in the market. It was important before, but the growth in parcels we saw during the pandemic makes it even more so. Our two new state-of-the-art automated Parcel Hubs in Warrington and Daventry provide us with the infrastructure we need to compete in the growing parcels market.