Our prices

Please find below the current postage prices for Royal Mail products.

We update our prices at key points in the year and let our customers know in advance. If you would like to see more information on how we will be changing our prices please visit  www.royalmail.com/prices2022.

Personal customer and marketplace seller prices

1. Download our pricespdf, 2.45 MB

Prices for stamped parcels, and those paid for over the counter at a Post Office are found in the Our prices guide. You can view or download a copy of this handy guide to our UK, International parcel and letter services, including Parcelforce Worldwide and Redirection products right now.

2. Download our online pricespdf, 3.85 MB

Prices for parcels with postage paid through Royal Mail Click & Drop, Royal Mail Online postage and online channels such as eBay, Amazon and PayPal are found in the Royal Mail online price guide. This handy guide contains online prices for our UK and International parcels including Standard, Signed and Guaranteed delivery services.

*Save money on sending parcels by buying your postage online. Enjoy lower prices online compared to over-the-counter. Find out more here.

Our servicespdf, 2.39 MB - Your guide to our UK and international parcel and letter services and code of practice

Business customer prices

Business price guidepdf, 4.62 MB

Rate cards

Business Mail Response and Parcels Returns rate cardpdf, 519.89 KB

International Business Mail rate cardpdf, 2.27 MB

International Business Parcels rate cardpdf, 3.17 MB


UK franking wallchartpdf, 2.13 MB

UK Royal Mail Mailmark franking wallchartpdf, 2.13 MB

UK stamp prices wallchartpdf, 2.05 MB

International Services wallchartpdf, 2.19 MB

Pricing calculators

International business pricing calculatorzip, 1.35 MB

Use our online price calculator to find the best options for your mailing.

Marketing services and general correspondence prices

Partially Addressed Mail rate cardpdf, 4.03 MB

Marketing services and general correspondence price guidepdf, 4.38 MB

Advertising Mail rate cardpdf, 2.63 MB

Publishing Mail rate cardpdf, 4.16 MB

Business Mail rate cardpdf, 3.82 MB

Response Services rate cardpdf, 519.89 KB

Door to Door rate cardpdf, 4.2 MB

Subscription Mail rate cardpdf, 3.86 MB

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*New online parcel prices compared to over-the-counter prices. Online prices available only on the Royal Mail App and send.royalmail.com and parcel.royalmail.com as well as via our online partners. Prices effective from 4 April 2022.