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All businesses need to communicate with customers, and mail is one way to get important messages to them. Business Mail such as bills, invoices, appointments, customer service updates and administrative information create added value for businesses and their customers. It significantly boosts customer experience which has a positive impact on an organisation’s bottom line.

Why Royal Mail for Business Mail?

  • Discounts based on quantity, address accuracy, and sorting
  • Flexible options for ways to prepare and present your mail
  • Manage it all through your Online Business Account (OBA)

Mail formats

Maximum letter sizes

Format Dimensions Weight limit


Up to 240mm x 165mm x 5mm

Up to 100g

Large letter

Up to 353mm x 250mm x 25mm

Up to 750g

Large letter if machine-readable

Up to 345mm x 245mm 10mm

Up to 750g


Business Mail prices

Retail Letters price guidepdf, 469.58 KB

Business Mail discounts

You can save up to 3p per letter by using our barcoded services. 

You can use the new barcoded products if:

  • You send your customers letters and large letters that we sort on your behalf
  • You currently use our standard Business Mail product (code: STL), our Advertising Mail product (code: CLN) and/or 1C & 2C Account Mail product (code: BPL)
  • You hold or set up an account with us
  • You send non-fulfilment items via your account

Find out more about barcode savings

Benefit from discounts based on the quantity of mail you send. You only need to meet the minimum threshold, starting at just 250 for machine-readable unsorted letters.

Learn more about our Life Cycle Assessment

New research carried out by WSP and commissioned by Marketreach has produced a full carbon Life Cycle Assessment of mail.

Find out more with our LCA tool

Help and technical information

Business Mail help


New Royal Mail logo

From 12 July 2024 the Royal Mail logos used across England, Northern Ireland and Wales will be changing to feature the King’s crown, whilst the Royal Mail logos used in Scotland will not change as the crown remains the same.

We will be updating the design of our Printed Postage Impressions (PPI) with the new Royal Mail logos, as well as the PPI generators and guidance documents in the coming months. We are mindful of the challenges some customers may meet in implementing the new PPI design by this date. Therefore, there will be a two-year time period to change to the new PPI design. You can begin using the new designs as early as you wish. We will continue to process your mail with the old PPI design throughout the period while you make the transition to the new PPI specifications.

We will update this page with more information.


Product documentation and downloads

Royal Mail Business Mail Summarypdf, 1.92 MB

Business Mail User Guidepdf, 1.96 MB

Account Barcode Unsorted User Guidepdf, 1.5 MB

Specific Terms for Marketingpdf, 174.97 KB

Business Mail permitted items guidancepdf, 136.12 KB

Containerisation user guidepdf, 2.19 MB

Sorting user guidepdf, 2.08 MB

Advanced Letters and Large Letters User Guidepdf, 1.81 MB

Glossarypdf, 1.07 MB

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Benefits of mail and research

  • 43% of Business Mail drives commercial actions* such as going online, discussing with others or making a purchase
  • Business Mail makes a lasting impression. 99% of it is engaged with in some way.* It’s opened, read, shared and discussed
  • 71% of consumers say they trust mail
  • 83% of consumers say they want a choice of both digital and mail communications from brands
  • Consumers prefer to receive sensitive or confidential information by post
  • Business Mail help to reduce branch visits, call traffic and costly missed appointments

Mail is memorable and trustworthy, and it makes your customers feel valued. Read our research report written in collaboration with Customer Experience experts Accenture to see how Business Mail can work harder for you.

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*JICMAIL, Kantar TNS, Q2 2017 - Q1 2018.

Sources: Marketreach and Accenture report, Customer Mail The Physical Connection that Transforms Customer Experience, 2022.