Moving to barcoded account mail products

Adding barcodes to our products improves our operational efficiency, so we are able to pass on the cost savings to our customers. Barcodes also allow us to have greater transparency of items through our network.

Currently 30,000 of our customers are enjoying the benefits of using barcoded account mail products today. From April 2020, you will no longer have access to non-barcoded mail on your Online Business Account.

What are you waiting for?

Setting up your Online Business Account with the new products is easy. Just email our dedicated team with your company name and account number, and our team will add the products to your account.

Please make sure you are registered as a business user, and the email address you used to register and access your account are the same.

Why are we making these changes?

Barcode Savings


How to videos

How to use our unsorted barcode artwork generator


Barcode unsorted - Mail pieces


Barcode unsorted - Sales Order


Barcode Unsorted - Billing

We are here to provide any help and support you need to move onto using barcoded mail. Please email our dedicated team at including your account number in the message.


Account Barcode Unsorted User Guide (pdf, 1.5 MB)

Cost saving quick guide (pdf, 43.4 KB)

Product code quick guide (pdf, 102.98 KB)

Helpful Q&As (pdf, 396.72 KB)