Royal Mail Door to Door®: Cost-effective door drop marketing

Boost your business with Door to Door, our leaflet distribution service
Book one get one 50% off

Royal Mail Door to Door®: Cost-effective door drop marketing

Boost your business with Door to Door, our leaflet distribution service
Book one get one 50% off

Door drops: helping you to grow your business

Door drops such as leaflets, flyers and brochures can be a powerful addition to your marketing mix.  They put your brand message straight into the homes of new and existing customers and drive high levels of engagement.  In fact, research shows that 73% of door drops are opened, read or filed*. And they are great value for money too. For as little as £500** you could reach up to 8,000 households to help build your business.

Whether you are a big, medium or small business, you can take advantage of our Door to Door free targeting service to help you reach the right households for your campaign. And you can do this locally or nationally in almost 30 million homes across the UK without using personal data.

It’s no wonder 80% of the UKs top advertisers use door drops.^

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Benefits of using

Royal Mail Door to Door

Get your leaflets, flyers or brochures delivered by our trusted delivery service with the regular post.

  • Take your pick of almost 30 million relevant homes to reach new customers locally or nationally
  • A cost-effective and impactful channel to add to your marketing mix
  • 73% of door drop items are engaged with by customers*
  • Doors prompt commercial customer actions like going online and making a purchase
  • 5% are shared with other people* giving you extra value for money
  • Door drops stay in the home for 5.4 days on average* helping to build your brand’s presence in the home
  • Target new customers without using personal data
  • Manage everything with your Online Business Account
  • Plus to help you keep costs down we’ve completely frozen our Door to Door to prices for 2020

Learn more about how you can use door drops to build your business in our free guide 

Obtaining new clients is essential to the success of any business. We can help you to create a Royal Mail Door to Door distribution audience with our free Customer Finder.

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of door drop items are opened, read, filed or set aside for later*

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Planning great door drops

What exactly are you promoting? Are you offering a discount or running a promotion? How and when do you want the customer to respond?

Do you want to bring in new types of customers, or more of the same people who already use your services?

Our targeting is very sophisticated. For example, we can target by location (i.e. people who live in the postcodes surrounding your business) or by demographic (e.g. people with or without children, or in different economic brackets).  And we do all this for free.

Door to Door covers targeting and distribution, but if you need help with design and printing why not use a Royal Mail recommended  ‘Mail Made Easy’ provider?

Download the Door to Door booking form or call us on 0345 266 0858. You can expect a lead time of just 3 weeks between booking and despatch.

Door to Door Promotional Prices for bookings up to 200,000 items 

The Door to Door Promotional Prices published in our current rate card will continue to be charged for Standard Door to Door contracts booked up to 200,000 items until further notice. We will issue further communications and a revised rate card in due course.

If you have any questions please contact the Door to Door Team on 0345 266 0858.


We have updated our current Door to Door Terms and Conditions. The changes will take effect on 1 August 2020. The changes are as follows:

  1. Insertion of clauses regarding arrangements made relating to the CoVid Pandemic – Clauses 5.16 and 5.17
  2. Update to the definition of the “Door to Door Online Booking System” – Schedule 1 – Definitions and Interpretations 

The attached document contains details of the changes along with a copy of the revised version of the Terms and Conditions.

Door to Door terms and conditions changes - summarydocx, 35.71 KB

Door to Door terms and conditions - effective 1 August 2020pdf, 365.14 KB


Door to Door rate cardpdf, 96.12 KB - effective for bookings made from 9 March 2020

Door to Door booking formxlsx, 500.21 KB

Door to Door proof of deliverypdf, 25.04 KB

Door to Door user guidepdf, 5.64 MB

Door to Door 2020-2021 handover datespdf, 1.57 MB

Door to Door postcode sector bandsxlsx, 370.02 KB

Door to Door box pallet labelxls, 30.5 KB

Door to Door standard category codesxlsx, 26.53 KB

Door to Door logoszip, 1.78 MB

Door to Door terms and conditionspdf, 666.58 KB


say that converting customers and leads to sales is their top priority^^

To find out more download our free guide
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It's extremely cost-effective... and we don't actually use any other form of marketing now

Linda Fox, Owner, Maids & More
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*JICMAIL Q2 2017 – Q1 2019

** Excluding VAT at 20%

^ DMA, Door drop guide 2018

^^ Hubspot, State Of Inbound Report, 2018