International Business Parcels Returns

Give international customers the confidence to buy from Britain


  • Customer returns directly to your UK address or via a local address
  • Buy a licence then only pay per returned item you receive
  • Available from 28 countries


  • Part-paid or fully-paid options

How to use this service

You need to purchase an annual licence to use International Business Parcels Returns. You’ll then be charged for every returned item that you receive.

Call us on 0800 177 7548 to set up your licence today.

See our International Business Parcels Returns user guide (pdf, 1.18 MB) for prices and service options.

The Standard version of this service is available from 28 countries. There are Fully Paid and Part Paid ‘Local Look’ options, allowing you to choose between covering all or part of the customer’s return postage. These options are not as widely available.

Download the International Business Parcels Returns user guide (pdf, 1.18 MB) to find out more.

Prohibitions and restrictions apply to returns as well as sent items.

We restrict or prohibit certain items from our network. You are advised to carefully read the restrictions on items like:

  • Batteries
  • Aerosols
  • Perfumes or aftershaves
  • Nail varnish, polish or gel

Check our prohibitions and restrictions guide.

It’s also your responsibility to check the prohibited and restricted items for countries you trade with.

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