Making circular happen

We aim to transform our operations and behaviours to embrace circularity by enabling reuse models and reducing single use items.

  • 25% reduction in waste by 2030
  • Helping our customers to embrace their own circular journey via our parcel collect service







Making circular happen infographic

Our Steps to zero journey

1. Net zero deliveries

Net zero deliveries

2. Net zero operations

Net zero operations

4. Collaborating for action

Collaborating for action

How Royal Mail are delivering a sustainable future

We are committed to providing sustainable services for our customers and communities as we deliver against our environmental ambitions.

We are working hard to reduce the emissions of our operations. Building on our network of on-foot deliveries, we are rolling out electric vans, trialling low-emission trucks and using renewable energy to power our buildings to help reduce our emissions even further.

As a result, we have a growing number of all-electric delivery offices, in which all deliveries are zero emission, while almost all our buildings are now powered by 100% renewable electricity.

We have the UK’s largest electric fleet of any major UK parcel operator, with 5,000 electric vans in service today.

We continue to trial other alternative fuel vehicles such as micro electric and hydrogen vehicles, as well as other delivery models – including delivery by drone!

Our network of over 85,000 posties means we can also collect your parcel while we’re out delivering. By reducing the number of journeys we can help bring down emissions and congestion levels.

Our unique ‘feet on the street’ delivery model significantly contributes to keeping our emissions low when compared to our competitors.  Over half of our parcel delivery routes are wholly or partially on foot, while 21% of our delivery routes are now zero emission.