Grow your export business

Ready to ship more? Get advice from our international experts

Grow your export business

Ready to ship more? Get advice from our international experts

If your company has grown through export you already know the benefits it can bring. Royal Mail understands that you still need as much support as if you were starting from scratch.

Increasing export can take you over a new threshold for VAT charges, which you then need to budget for. You might want to move onto a larger-scale shipping tool that can handle greater volumes.

Perhaps you're expanding into countries with different customs, or where English is not the first language. Our teams can help in specific markets, or you can liaise with your local trade team to get advice on how to succeed.

Get in touch, and our experienced overseas shipping experts will help you grow into over 230 countries and territories.

We can help you gather data

Learn which countries are searching your site, and how best to serve customers in those countries

In China we have set up our Royal Mail TMall store

Our customers reach 500 million Chinese shoppers for a fraction of the cost of going it alone
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International delivery, great value, worldwide reach

Find out more in our International guide to e-commerce

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Shipping tools for bigger business

Pro Shipping

A free tool for larger businesses, to help you scale up despatch to multiple workstations
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Third-party partners

Outsource shipping and other business functions to an approved provider and free up your time
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API Shipping

If you're tech-savvy, integrate your systems with ours for fast processing with 24/7 support
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We have teamed up with the Exporting is GREAT campaign

Get help, advice and training for any stage of your export journey
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Advice from our export team

Download our Delivery Matters reports, for in-depth analysis of shopper behaviours and trends in key markets.

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We've analysed the findings for key international markets: the USA, Australia, Canada, China, and Germany.

If your focus to date has been on exporting to the EU, you may want to consider other countries across the world.

With higher import duty thresholds, countries such as Australia (de minimis: $1000AUS - meaning that if the item you are sending to Australia is worth less than that, you won't pay duties) and USA (de minimis: $800USD), these markets present cost-effective opportunities for UK exporters. You or your customers only pay Goods Sales Tax (GST).

Get in touch to find out more.

Getting customs right is essential to avoid delays and charges. The provision of electronic customs data will help smooth your shipment’s journey through customs.

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As you increase export volumes it’s essential to understand the VAT regimes in different countries. You may be responsible for paying VAT directly to a country once you breach certain thresholds – for example in Switzerland. Your Government Trade Team or VAT advisor will be able to help. 

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