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Interested in selling to the USA? 

Whether you’re already exporting or you’re looking to help your online sales go international, the USA is a great place to start.

UK retailers already have a real advantage when it comes to selling to the American market.

For starters, there's a shared language and a high percentage of online shoppers in the US. Plus, an existing trust in British brands gives UK sites a great opportunity to grow their US sales.

America has an unusually high import duty threshold (de minimis: $800USD - meaning that if the item you are sending is worth less than that, you won't pay duties), so you'll get more bang for your buck when you export to the USA. You or your customers will only pay Goods Sales Tax (GST).

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Our Delivery Matters 2018 report finds:

  • 1 in 7 American online shoppers bought from a UK site in a three month period
  • Those shoppers spent an average of $257 on UK websites
  • 90% of American online shoppers trust UK brands
  • 71% like to buy British brands

US shoppers particularly seek out items only available in the UK. Popular purchases include clothing (37%), accessories such as handbags (20%), books (16%), jewellery (14%), healthcare products (9%) and collectibles (8%).

The average American shopper shops online twice a month, spending over $100*

How to grow your export business to the USA

No matter your current level of international trade, Royal Mail can help. One of the most important things to get right is the delivery experience.

Our Delivery Matters research shows delivery is a key factor for US online shoppers. It can be the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart.

  • 32% of US online shoppers will abandon a purchase if the international delivery cost is too high
  • 19% will go elsewhere if delivery takes too long
  • 31% are more likely to buy from the UK if full delivery tracking is included
  • 16% won't buy if they’re not happy with the returns policy
  • 27% are more likely to buy from UK retailers if they can track returns

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Export to the USA with Royal Mail international shipping

Our range of international services can help build trust and increase sales to the US market.

And we found of US shoppers 31% are more likely to buy from the UK if full delivery tracking is included*

Choose a service to find out how it can help your business deliver.

Service Lower price option Fast delivery Tracking included Proof of delivery included Delivery aims to USA
5-7 working days
Tracked with signature  
  5-7 working days
    6-7 working days
Economy         6-12 weeks


Our US partnership can help you deliver 

Royal Mail services can fit all businesses – from Marketplace sellers and small companies to larger businesses.

We use our long standing relationship with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to get your deliveries there. This allows you to get your items delivered to your customers alongside their mail every working day of the week. 

Delivery days Delivery window Process if item can't be delivered Network of access points
Monday-Saturday Once a day
  1. One delivery attempt
  2. Card left if customer out
  3. Item retained for 15 days before being returned to sender
Around 31,000 post offices

By using USPS we also benefit from a familiar delivery experience, including pre-advice emails for our tracked services.


Electronic customs data

From 1 January 2019, businesses sending goods to the USA will need to provide electronic customs data. Find out more.


Check the status of deliveries around the world

For the latest updates on any delays with deliveries to countries and territories, see our International Incident Bulletin.

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*All statistics are from Delivery Matters USA, Trinity McQueen, 2018