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With our shared Commonwealth membership and lack of language barrier (85% of Canadians can speak English), the UK and Canada make great trading partners. Canadians have a positive approach to shopping with us and a high level of trust in UK brands.

Canada has taken to online shopping slightly slower than some other countries, but those who do shop online are doing so more and more – and this trend represents a great opportunity for UK retailers looking to expand into international markets.

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Online shopping in Canada

Our Delivery Matters Canada report found that:

  • Most Canadian shoppers spend 20 hours or less each week on the internet, and the average purchase rate in Q1 was 4.4 items, compared to an international average of 6 items.
  • However, 55% of those surveyed claimed to have increased their rate of online shopping recently, with 78% buying from online marketplaces during the first quarter.

Selling UK products to Canada

It’s very encouraging that Canadian shoppers have a positive attitude towards UK products. In our survey we found that:

  • Three in five Canadian online shoppers like to buy UK brands,
  • 49% of those surveyed find UK items much cheaper than locally-bought items and
  • 76% of them trust that items purchased from the UK will be authentic and not ‘fake’.

Canadian customers are looking for value for money and an easy delivery experience.


of Canadian shoppers are more likely to shop again with an online retailer if they are satisfied with the overall delivery experience*

Deliver a great customer experience to your Canadian shoppers

Canada is a very large country, but it is sparsely populated. Many Canadians living outside of urban areas would have to travel great distances to collect items from a store. This may be why this market shows a strong preference for home delivery, as opposed to a “Click & Collect” style retail collection service.

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4 out of 5

Canadian online shoppers actively search for sites that offer free delivery*

Person using laptop and payment card
9 out of 10

Canadian shoppers want to receive progress updates on their deliveries*

Online shopping in Canada

Shoppers searching for sites that offer free delivery are usually young females from a higher socio-economic group. If that sounds like your target customer, you should pay particular attention to the fact that 4 out of 5 of them seek this benefit*.

We offer a range of delivery services to Canada. Why not give buyers a choice of an economy service for free, and a faster or Tracked service if they would like to pay for it?

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Quick facts: duties and taxes

  • Goods up to CAD$20 are exempt from duties and taxes
  • Personal gifts up to the value of CAD$60 are exempt
  • Alcohol and tobacco are not exempt under either of these rules

Duties and taxes in Canada

43% of shoppers surveyed were put off by a fear of hidden charges*, so it’s good to be upfront and tackle the question of duties and taxes openly with your Canadian shoppers.

The Canada Border Services Agency collects duties and taxes on behalf of the Canadian government.

Goods valued over CAD$20 (CAD$60 for gifts) are subject to:

  • Import duties (varies – eg. 18% for clothing)
  • General sales tax (5%)
  • Provincial sales tax (0% - 10%)

Find out more about duties and taxes on the CBSA site

Electronic customs data

Since 1 January 2019, we require businesses sending goods to Canada to provide electronic customs data.

The easiest way to meet these requirements is to use a data-compliant shipping platform, like Click & Drop – great for occasional or smaller-scale exporters; Pro Shipping and API Shipping are our automated, scalable solutions for large scale exporters.

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*All statistics are from Delivery Matters Canada, Trinity McQueen