Help tracking items posted to another country from the UK

I'm in another country waiting for something to arrive from the UK. Can I track my item?

Ask the sender if it was sent using a tracking or signature service. They should be able to confirm when it was posted and provide the reference number you can use to track the progress of your item.

If Track your item doesn't return any information about your item, it is likely to be available on the overseas posts own tracking website. Please see here for links to the overseas post websites to access these. Alternatively please contact the sender and they can contact us to make enquiries on your behalf. Please be aware that there are still a number of localised delays abroad. Please check our international incidents page for more information prior to shipping.


What tracking information will I see for International services?

Our International Tracking and Signature services provide different levels of tracking:

  • International Tracked & Signed - tracking within the UK and after leaving the UK, online delivery confirmation and signature on delivery*
  • International Tracked - tracking within the UK and after leaving the UK plus online delivery confirmation
  • International Signed - tracking within the UK and signature on delivery*

*A signature is taken on delivery. However, we don't provide a copy of the signature to you as part of the service and it's not available to view online.


What happens after my item has left the UK?

For certain European destinations, we use a Royal Mail Group Limited company called GLS. You can use GLS to track International Tracked & Signed items sent to the following countries:

Austria (for International Tracked and International Tracked & Signed), Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia

For other destinations, once your item has left the UK we hand it over to the relevant country's postal authority. They deliver it on our behalf and let us know some of the details of your item's journey.

For some destinations you may be able to see more detailed tracking on that postal authority's website**. Below are links to the most popular destinations:
Republic of Ireland   
United States of America   

Alternatively for other destinations please see here for links to the overseas post websites to access this or visit the Universal Postal Union to see if the country you've posted to has a tracking website where you can obtain more information.

**Please note extra tracking information is not guaranteed or a part of the service you've purchased. It's offered over and above the service requirements and we cannot guarantee its accuracy.


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