My tracking message looks wrong

Why are there no tracking details on my item yet?

This can happen if you’ve ordered an item online. The seller might have created a tracking number, but not handed your item over to us yet.

Once we receive the item, we’ll update the status in Track your item. Please check back later.

If you’ve had your reference number for more than a day and there’s still no tracking information, please contact the sender. Ask them to confirm the number is correct and that the item’s been passed to us.


Why hasn’t my tracking status updated for a day or two?

For some services – including Signed for® 1st Class and Signed for® 2nd Class – we scan items twice. We’ll update the status when we receive the item at the start of its journey and when it’s delivered.

Depending on the service, this could mean the status of your item doesn’t change for a few days. Don’t worry though, it’s on its way.


What if my item seems to be heading away from its destination?

Our distribution network is one of the biggest and most sophisticated in the UK.

That means your item will be processed in the nearest distribution centre. It’s then sent to a local mail centre. Sometimes that means your item won’t be travelling in a straight line. However, it will be on the most efficient route through our network.

Please note: For certain European destinations, we use a Royal Mail Group Limited company – GLS  – to deliver some of our international items. Before it’s ready for delivery, your item may be scanned in countries other than its destination.


Are there any other reasons my tracking information could be wrong?

Sometimes, due to technical issues or human error, an item is not scanned as expected. When the item is next scanned, the system will update.

Please check back on Track your item later.


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