Help tracking items posted to the UK from another country

I'm in the UK waiting for a parcel or letter to arrive from another country? Can I track my item?

Ask the sender to confirm when it was posted and if it was sent using a tracking service. If it was, you can track its progress once it reaches the UK. You can also track its journey from overseas, on the relevant postal authority's' website, if they provide that service.


How can I track my item before it reaches the UK?

Visit the Universal Postal Union Opens in new window  to see if the country where your item was posted has a tracking website you can obtain more information from.

Below are links to the most popular countries:
Australia Opens in new window   
France Opens in new window   
Republic of Ireland Opens in new window   
United States of America Opens in new window    


Can I track my item once it reaches the UK?

Throughout the world different tracking systems are used and the information we show in Track your item may be different to what you're used to. If you need help, please contact the postal authority for the country where your item was originally posted, or use their website. If they need to, they'll contact us to make enquiries on your behalf.

If Track your item doesn't return any information about your item, please contact the sender. They can make enquiries with the relevant postal authority, who will contact Royal Mail if they need to.



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