Royal Mail PO Box®

Maintain the privacy of your home address

Royal Mail PO Box®

Maintain the privacy of your home address

If you don’t want to share your home address for any reason or if you're looking to maintain your privacy, a Royal Mail PO Box may be exactly what you need, particularly if you:

  • buy and sell goods online
  • want a professional address
  • live in shared accommodation

If you are a former Mail Collect Customer, the PO Box Transfer service is an ideal alternative to Mail Collect. With this service, we transfer mail for your normal home/business address to the PO Box and hold it for you to collect at their convenience. 

Important: If you set up a PO Box Collect service, then only mail addressed to the PO Box address will be held for collection. If you want mail for your normal home/business address to be held as well, you have to take out the PO Box Transfer service.

Choose an option that best suits you

PO Box Transfer

Get your usual address mail and PO Box mail held together at your local Delivery Office and collect them at your convenience*

PO Box Deliver

We'll deliver your PO Box mail to your home address

PO Box Collect

We'll keep your PO Box mail for you to collect from your local Delivery Office when it suits you

*Your normal address and Royal Mail PO Box mail must be provided from the same Delivery Office. This service is not available if you have moved from your normal address.

PO Box Prices

Choose to have mail in your name transferred from your normal street address into your PO Box and held for you to collect. Note – If you have moved from the address you can't use this service.

Duration Price
Monthly* (Direct Debit only)  £43.50
6 months £240.00
12 months


*Minimum 3 months

Choose to have mail delivered from your PO Box to the address on your application.

Duration Price
Monthly* (Direct Debit only) £38.10
6 months £209.10
12 months £378.00

*Minimum 3 months

Collect your mail from your PO Box at your local Delivery Office.

Duration Price
Monthly* (Direct Debit only) £36.00
6 months £174.00
12 months £300.00

*Minimum 3 months

How to apply for a PO Box

The quickest way to apply is online with payment by debit or credit card only.

Apply online

If you are applying for our PO Box Transfer service, you will need to make sure that you upload your ID document at the end of the online application.

Please note:
Your payment card must be registered to the address you use to complete your application for a Royal Mail PO Box.
It takes up to 7 working days to set up your PO Box®.

Or you can fill out an application form (pdf, 610.7 KB) and send the completed form with a cheque and proof of ID to:

Royal Mail PO Box Team
Dearne House
Cortonwood Drive
S73 0UF

Please note:
It takes longer (at least 10 working days) for a postal application to be processed.
We recommend applying online.

Apply now

Fill out the application form

Apply now

Or call us

03457 950 950

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