Business Reply and Freepost Plus

Business Reply and Freepost Plus are end-to-end services which provide an easy way for businesses, customers and new prospects to respond to you quickly and easily. We provide a barcode and licence number that you print on your mail with a return address. You pay a small fee for the product and then we just charge you the postage cost of responses. Replies can be received using 1st or 2nd Class mail.

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Apply online or give us a call to discuss what's the best solution for you. Please check our terms and conditions below in help and documentation. For patient specimens please use the tracked returns product.

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Mail formats

Letter only

Letter only

Response licence detail* Printed on top left Printed with the return address

*See examples below

Mailing examples for each service

Here are some examples of how your mailing could look (not to scale):

Business Reply Plus:


Freepost Plus:

How to use our response services

1. You’ll need a licence for each address that items are returned to – which gives you 12 months usage. Get in touch to get started.

2. Design and print your mail response envelopes. Most printers already have our design templates, but if you wish to produce and print your own mail response pieces, use our Artwork generator design tool to produce a mail piece image with your licence number, licence barcode, address and postage indicia.

If someone else is printing your envelopes, be sure to pass on your licence number and design to your print supplier. Find out more in our Response Services user guide (pdf, 1.52 MB)

If you would like to submit your design to Royal Mail for approval prior to printing, then please post a sample envelope to the following address:



Royal Mail Response Services Team
PO Box 740
S73 0ZJ

3. Send your mailing and wait for the responses to come in.

Help and documentation

Visit our help page 

Check out our prices and see more information about increasing your customer responses with Business Reply and Freepost:

Response Services user guidepdf, 1.52 MB

Royal Mail General Terms and Conditionspdf, 447.44 KB

Response Services Specific Terms and Conditionspdf, 187.12 KB

Retail Letters price guidepdf, 469.58 KB

Choose a single line address that’s memorable for your customers, making it simple for them to get in touch
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