Freepost NAME

Create a single line response address to make it easy for customers to respond to you

Freepost NAME

Create a single line response address to make it easy for customers to respond to you

Easy to remember, easy to respond

With Freepost NAME, you can enhance your marketing campaigns by using a highly memorable or recognisable word into a single line response address. For example, you could choose your company name such as Freepost CORNHILL.

Instead of a full postal address, your respondent simply writes this on an envelope. Or you can provide them with pre-printed mail items featuring your Freepost NAME.

Once you’ve purchased an annual licence, you just pay the postage for the responses.

Mail response that is good for you and your customers

  • Make your response address memorable and recognisable
  • Make it even simpler for customers to act on campaigns
  • Promote brand recognition and loyalty
  • Use across a range of channels including DM, radio, TV, outdoor

What’s in a NAME?

Freepost NAME offers your customers an incredibly simple and convenient way to respond. They can reply by letter, large letter or parcel – and it won’t cost them a penny.

As a result, Freepost NAME encourages better customer response and can also help build brand recognition and loyalty.

Choosing a NAME

Your Freepost NAME could be the name of your company, charity, product, service or campaign – it could even be a generic term. As a rule, avoid using long names or places.

We allocate every Freepost NAME on a first come, first served basis, so as long as your name isn’t already in use, it should be fine. In some cases, we may need to see proof that you’re allowed to use a particular name.

How much does it cost?

You’ll need to purchase an annual Freepost NAME licence for each address that items are returned to. Then you simply pay 1st Class postage for each response you receive. Cost per item will depend on its weight and whether it’s a letter, large letter or parcel.

Response services user guidepdf, 1.52 MB

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The maximum thickness of Large Letters for Business Reply, Freepost and Freepost NAME will be reduced from 50mm to 25mm with effect from 5th October 2020.

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