Third Party Partners

Selected companies who offer a range of solutions for small to large businesses

Some third parties offer additional services beyond despatch management

At a Glance 

  • Many third parties are fully integrated with our parcel services and are approved to help customer's despatch
  • Our in-house Third Parties include StoreFeeder and Intersoft

Our in-house Third Parties

These include StoreFeeder and Intersoft. They offer a range of solutions to suit your different business needs including:


  • Order management and processing from a single interface
  • Pick, pack, and despatch with ease, as the solution allows you to manage your warehouses smartly and efficiently
  • Keep up to date with your stock as the solution lets you control and edit stock across all channels and locations with no risk of overselling
  • List your products in a fraction of the time, and view, upload, and edit your listings across multiple marketplaces
  • Integrated with the leading payment processing software packages. Wherever your customers are, and however you get your orders, this solution gives you full control over your whole ecommerce operation.


  • Take the hassle out of delivery, from label creation to route planning
  • Error-free data processing from a range of partners, totally integrated with your partners’ systems
  • Comprehensive tracking information throughout the life of the order
  • Tracking and reporting that improves your customer service
  • Performance analysis of your carriers that puts you in control
  • Detailed financial information that connects with your accounting programmes.

With Intersoft you can also access a range of additional approved Third Parties. These include:

  • Channel Grabber
  • Cloud Commerce Pro
  • Consignor
  • Despatch Cloud
  • Export Technologies
  • Export Technology (IRP Commerce)
  • Metafour
  • Mintsoft
  • One Flow
  • OneStock (Devatics)
  • Plentymarkets
  • Realtime Despatch
  • Retail Sports
  • Selro
  • Tradepeg
  • ZigZag

Other Royal Mail approved Third Party Partners

Our approved partners will make sure you're using the latest Royal Mail services and labels. This will help your items flow smoothly through our network and to your customers.

The following partners are fully integrated to offer Royal Mail delivery services:

  • Metapack
  • GFS (Global Freight Solutions)
  • Linnworks
  • Veeqo
  • ShipStation
  • Dataplug
  • Scurri
  • EasyPost
  • Sorted Group (previously known as MyParcelDelivery)
  • iForce (Route Genie)
  • Madcapsule (also known as Shiptheory)
  • Zenstores
  • SmartFreight
  • Oddsphere

We're always reviewing our approved list of Third Parties. Check back regularly to view the latest approved list.

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