Get started with franking

How much does it cost to get set up?

Although we can't quote a set cost (as we don't supply franking machines directly), you can easily check our list of authorised manufacturers/independent inspector/maintainers and discuss costs with a provider. You can ask about:

  • Leasing or purchasing costs.
  • Annual maintenance and inspection fees.
  • Consumables, such as outer envelopes, labels and ink.

You will save money on delivery costs for every piece of mail you send. For full details of how much, download our pricing wallcharts:

PDF icon UK stamps and Franking pricing wallchart

PDF icon Royal Mail Mailmark pricing wallchart

The first steps to getting started

Step 1 - Choose a franking machine

Use our list of authorised manufacturers/independent inspector/maintainers to lease or purchase your franking machine. Royal Mail does not recommend one party over another.

Step 2 - Apply for your licence

Ask for your franking licence through your manufacturer/independent inspector/maintainer 

Step 3 - Arrange credit

Manufacturers can offer franking machine credit options like Direct Debit, Credit Card and Credit accounts with deferred payment terms.

Step 4 - Read the small print

You must meet the terms of your licence by reading the
PDF icon Legal scheme for Franking letters and parcels.

Step 5 - Buy products

Save money with our franking service. You can pay for a wide variety of mail products, including Special Delivery Guaranteed, international and one-off business collections.

Read more about products you can buy with franking

PDF icon Royal Mail Franking Guide to UK and International Formats and Services

PDF icon Royal Mail Franking International Services Guide

Step 6 - Separate your mail

To qualify for savings and avoid penalties, you must separate your mail by UK/international destination, and then by product and class. 

How do I post franked mail?