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Royal Mail Mailmark® technology for franking

Mailmark franking is our newest and most efficient franking mark. It supersedes the traditional ‘crown and die’ with a machine readable 2D barcode.

Mailmark franking

We have launched a new simplified underpayment collection process for franking machines with Mailmark® technology. Find out more.

Best prices

Mailmark franking offers the lowest prices for Royal Mail franking products and services. Automatic pricing updates are included so you will always pay the best price.

Save time

Save your business valuable time. With easy automatic selection of Royal Mail products and services your important mail will quickly be ready for posting to your UK and International customers.


Enjoy access to new and exciting future products and services available only to Mailmark franking.

Is Mailmark franking right for you?

If your business mails anything at all, from invoices and bills, catalogues and brochures to books and health and beauty products, Mailmark franking is the perfect in-house, self-service solution for your mailing needs.

No matter the size of your company, with no restrictions on minimum or maximum postage volume, Mailmark franking will benefit large corporate companies, universities, government agencies through to small business and sole traders.

Mailmark franking gives your business the capability to communicate with your customers within the UK and internationally and will save your business money whether you send one letter or thousands.

You will need to consider costs such as leasing or purchasing a Mailmark franking machine, along with ongoing expenses like print cartridges. But even if you only send a modest amount of mail each week, you can soon start covering your costs.

Read about Standard franking

What else will Mailmark franking give your business?

Manage your spend

Mailmark franking will give your business the lowest prices for Royal Mail franking products and services. And, you can upload credit as and when you need, to monitor usage throughout your business and manage departmental spend.

Improve efficiency

The latest, most sophisticated franking machines can process huge volumes of mail quickly and accurately – and even more basic models offer major time savings.

It’s easy to drop your Mailmark franked mail at a Post Office®, or if you regularly send high volumes of Mailmark franked mail, you can set up a regular business collection.

Send parcels as well as letters

From small letters to bigger parcels, Mailmark franking gives you the option to communicate with your customer with different sized and shaped mail.

Find out about the different sizes of mail you can send with Mailmark franking

Professional finish

The new barcode technology means your post will always have a professional finish. Impress your customers by including your company’s logo on your mail.


Maintenance of franking machines is carried out by Royal Mail authorised providers.

Choose from our list of authorised inspectors, maintainers and repairers. Royal Mail does not recommend one company over the other.

Interested in getting a Mailmark franking machine for your business?

Read our page on the next steps to getting a Mailmark franking machine

Or if you already have a franking machine, you can upgrade your software or lease or buy a Mailmark enabled machine. Just contact your manufacturer or independent supplier to find out more.

Mailmark franking prices

Compare to Standard and SMARTmeter franking prices

1st and 2nd Class franking prices using Mailmark franking technology
Format Weight up to and including 1st Class 2nd Class
Letter 100g 61p 41p
Large letter 100g 95p 72p
  250g £1.34 £1.03
  500g £1.73 £1.35
  750g £2.44 £1.89

Parcel prices are listed in our PDF icon Royal Mail Mailmark pricing wallchart

'Signed For' franking price using Mailmark franking
Format Weight up to and including 1st Class 2nd Class
Letter 100g £1.81 £1.61
Large letter 100g £2.15 £1.92
  250g £2.54 £2.23
  500g £2.93 £2.55
  750g £3.64 £3.09

More prices are listed in our PDF icon Royal Mail Mailmark pricing wallchart

Mailmark Pre-Pay Reply

Give your customers an incentive to reply - available only with Mailmark franking.

Pre-Pay Reply will encourage your customers to respond to you (and quickly) and enhances customer experience, as your customer will not have to pay any postage costs.

You customers will also have control with Pre-Pay Reply in choosing speed of response with 1st or 2nd Class.

Example use of Pre-Pay
Sector Use Pre-Pay Reply for
Banks / Financial advisors Feedback, to express interest in products/ services
Solicitors Procedure next steps 
Estate agents Property interest responses
Councils Community survey feedback
Court services Confirmation of court attendance
Debt collection Payment response
Hospitals / police Confirmation of urgent appointment
Education Admission applications


Mailmark Pre-Pay Reply prices
Format Weight up to and including 1st Class 2nd Class
Letter 100g 61p 41p
Large letter 100g 95p 72p



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PDF icon Royal Mail Mailmark pricing wallchart

PDF icon UK Franking pricing wallchart

PDF icon Legal scheme for Franking letters and parcels