Royal Mail Relay® - Finance

Simplifying distribution across your branch network

Royal Mail Relay provides secure, scheduled distribution of urgent documents and branch stock between all of your locations overnight. It’s fast, flexible and efficient and saves you money, by rolling all of your logistics needs into a single service.

“Royal Mail Relay put a solution in place for us, and they’ve been very open and very reliable. The solution they’ve put in place has been very robust.”

Steve Carr
Distribution Consultant

Helping you optimise customer service

To enable your employees to concentrate on their customers – rather than dealing with deliveries – our staff make scheduled, “key holder” collections in the evening. Items are sorted overnight in our dedicated network for delivery to each of your sites before they open the following morning. The same service will also deliver point of sale material such as brochures and leaflets, stationery and staff uniforms.

Making you more efficient

With a nightly collection and delivery to each of your branches and distribution centres, you’ll be able to get cheques to the clearing house on time, which means better cash flow and a reduced risk of fines, fraud or loss. By moving application forms and other vital documents around your business after dark, we’ll also speed up your internal processing times.

Providing peace of mind

We operate in a highly secure environment with CCTV, controlled access and rigorous security procedures. Staff are directly employed and vetted with a full security check and our fleet is equipped with special security features. All items are tracked to provide you with a full audit trail and you will also receive daily, weekly and monthly reporting information.

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