Everyone loves receiving presents

We all enjoy giving and receiving parcels - make someone happy by sending them something special today

Everyone loves receiving presents

We all enjoy giving and receiving parcels - make someone happy by sending them something special today

The joy of receiving

Remember how you felt last time you received a surprise package in the post? 

Spread the joy of receiving parcels packed with love and care.  It’s now more important than ever to reach out to one another, let your friends, family and others in your community know that you're thinking of them at this challenging time. 

We’re here to help you keep connected with your loved ones when many of us are separated or seeing less of each other.

Send to your nearest and dearest or to those who have made a difference in your life.

  • Has a carer been brilliant at looking after your parents?
  • Is a teacher going out of their way to make sure your child is getting learning aids?
  • Does a colleague check-on regularly to make sure that you're doing ok?
  • Is someone providing support, time and flexibility to make your life easier?
  • Are you missing your grandparents or other friends and family?

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Top tips for sending the perfect parcel


1. Choose the right tools for the job

Make sure you use strong and suitable packaging. 

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2. Don’t leave any empty spaces

Make sure your parcel fits snuggly so that it won't move around inside during transit.  

3. Weigh accurately

Remember to weigh after you've wrapped as the right postage will depend on the weight as well as the size of the parcel. 

4. Get the right postage

Use the Royal Mail app to purchase and print postage. 

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5. Label clearly

Make sure the full name and address is clearly on the label - including the full postcode.  

You can look up the postcode using our postcode finder.

I saw this and thought of you...

Seen a book online that would cheer up your bestfriend? A cuddly toy on the floor that you know would make your cousin smile? Why not send it to them to make them smile?

(that's more than half)

of UK adults feel receiving parcels has become more important since lockdown, with more than a third saying it was the highlight of their day*

of younger shoppers top the list for ordering more parcels during lockdown

YouGov plc, 2020

More than a parcel

Perhaps a loved one is isolating on their own and missing interaction with others.  Many people are currently feeling a sense of loneliness, worry and uncertainty about what the future holds.  A gift can lift their spirits and remind them that they are appreciated.

Receiving a parcel is great for boosting someone's mood and can help improve their mental health.

Pass on positivity to those who need it - give them joy, surprise, curiosity and a feeling of appreciation and love.

Tools to help you send your parcel

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Send a letter

You may want to pop a letter into your parcel for an extra personal touch.  We can show you how.

We have handy how-to guides and inspiration to guide you.

Learn letter writing skills

* YouGov plc, 2020