Watch our exclusive Shaun the Sheep videos

All possible with our new barcoded stamps and App

Watch our exclusive Shaun the Sheep videos

All possible with our new barcoded stamps and App

Our new barcoded stamps enable you to watch and share exclusive Shaun the Sheep videos via the barcode itself using the Royal Mail App. The recipient can then watch the selected video just by scanning the stamp barcode using our App — giving that someone special something extra to smile about.

One of these videos is of Shaun the Sheep. This video features Shaun and his flock in a mischievous and amusing short encounter with Rita, a hard-working Royal Mail postie, who senses tomfoolery is afoot from our four-legged friends. In addition, we also have a heart-warming and humorous Christmas video - with our flock of sheep making sure that Bitzer – the farm dog – receives his fair share of Christmas cards this year. What better way to wish someone a very Merry Christmas, than to share a special Christmas video. And this year all our Christmas Stamps have a barcode, so why not share this video via our Christmas barcoded stamps. The available videos will change over time, so keep looking to see what is available.

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View the videos and select the one you would like to send to someone special, simply by downloading the Royal Mail App and scanning the barcode on the stamp.

Terms and Conditions apply.


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If you already have the Royal Mail App, or simply wish to buy our barcoded Stamps, visit our shop.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

First of all download the Royal Mail App. Then select Scan a Barcoded Stamp option within the App and follow the instructions

You can still use a barcoded stamp for postage even if you do not attach a video to it, in which case your recipient will instead be able to watch a default video by using the Royal Mail App to scan the barcoded stamp.

There may be instances where your video is not visible to your recipient, for example when a video has been updated before your recipient scans the barcode on the stamp, or if the barcode on the stamp has been damaged or defaced and therefore cannot be read by the Royal Mail App.

The video will remain visible for your recipient for a period of time, even if the video is replaced as an available option on our App. As long as you post your item promptly this will allow plenty of time for it to get to your recipient.

No. The ability to view exclusive videos is completely free of charge, to both you and your recipient (except for the cost of the original barcoded stamp) so, to the extent permitted by law, we accept no liability if it does not work as intended.

Terms & conditions

If the barcode on the stamp has been damaged or defaced this feature may not work.

Royal Mail reserve the right to delete, change or update the videos available at any time, without notice.

Royal Mail accepts no liability if this feature does not work as intended.