London - Chelsea War Memorial

In memory of those who fought in the First World War


1914 Chelsea Postal Roll of Honour 1918. Unveiled By W.T.B. Young Esq. Postmaster S.W. District March 29th 1920 C.Rutland Sc


A.H. Spong, A.L. Ashby, E.J. Benning, W. Hartnett, H.J.E. Hastin, H. Osborn, E. Pearcey, J.G. Penney, J. Young, C.T. Dowding, R.A. Allen, C. Beaven, H.G. Berridge, A.W.C. Bull, P.E. Clark, H.J. Gruber, W.S. Guest, T.E. Leicester, J. Maguire, H. Nicholson, C.W. Pratt, C.W. Reynolds, E.W. Sillett, T.M. Smith, G. Stanley, C. Bailey, H.L. Baker, H.G. Barrick, E. Bell, C. Bennett, F.S. Betts. MC MSM, D. Brasier, J. Bridger, H. Bookman, W.C.Case, H.J. Catling, F.C. Coath, J.M. Conboy, G.J. Corbet, A.V. Cowley, A.E. Deacon, A.M. Deadman, F. Ellis, W.A. Forsgate, E.A. Gardner, S.T. Geard, W. Graves, W.A. Haskett, T.L. Haythorne, J. Hearn, S. Helling, W.S. Hibbs, C.F. How, L.E.B. Hutton, N.E. Ivins, H.A. Jarvis, A. Jellyman, W. Jordan, E. Lamm, W.C. Last, F.H. Miller, S.E. Myson, P.J. Nichols, A.R. Pearce, H.J. Pennell, A.J. Phillips, W.H. Pike, A.J. Prosser, H.A. Read, W.G. Reeves, J.E. Riley, J. Rist, A.J. Roberts, G.J.A. Rock, H.C. Roe, A.R. Searle, C.T. Selman, A. Shaw. M.SM, A.E. Shawyer. MR.Dis, W.G. Smith, T.W. Smith, A. Spratt, H.C.G. Spry, G.F. Stannard, F.J. Stephenson, W.G. Stillwell. Men Dis, A. Stockwell, H.W. Stonham, A. Tassart. MM-Clasp, J.Trill, H.W. Tutt, L. Walters, S.C. White, C.L.White, H.W. Yales

This memorial is wall-mounted in the staff welfare area and accessible to the public by appointment.

London - Chelsea War Memorial

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