Leamington Spa War Memorial

In memory of those who fought in the First World War


Roll Of Honour, For King and Country, European War 1914 - 1918 Members of the Post Office Staff at Warwick & Leamington Who joined His Majesty's Forces


Pte E. Abery, Gnr R. Ackerman, Sgt A. V. Ackerman, C.S.M. H. H. Ball, Spr C. S. Barnham, C.S.M. G. H. Burnwell, Spr F. W. C. Bayliss, L/cpl C. C. Biddle, 2/Lieut. F. W. Bishop (M.M), Tel. H. J. Boswell, Rfln H. Brown, Pte E. H. M. Chambers, Spr F. Cooper, Cpl H. Costin, Cpl J. H. Cotton, Cpl C. Dale, Spr R. S. Ekins, Bdr H. S. Friend, Spr B. French, C.S.M F. Gallagher, Spr H. Gardner, Sgt F. W. Godfrey, C.Q.M.S. G. J. Goode (VC), Sgln E. F. Goode, Sgt J. Gregdon, C.Q.M.A. F. W. S. Gwatkin (M.S.M), Lieut. H. M. Harris, Capt. S. R. Hayes, Sgt C. Hawkins, P.O. 1st Cl. F. Hines, Pte W. F. Jelphs, Sgt G. H. M. Keen (M.M.), Sgt F. J. Lendley (M.S.M), Dvr W. H. Makepeace, Cpl J. McCubbin, C.S.M. J. W. Morris (D.[A].M.), Pte B. T. Nason, Sglr C. W. Neal, Pte A. C. Neal, Spr B. E. Orange, Sgt H. Pratt, L/Cpl F. C. Roles, Cpl M. G. Robertson, Lieut E. Roddis (M.B.E), Dvr J. H Ross, Rfln F. Rowlatt, Miss G. V. Sarsons (W.A.A.C.), Gnr T. Seamer, Tel. F. A. Sleath, Spr M. C. Swaine, Cpl A. Talbot, Lt/Cpl H. P. W. Tilley, L/Sgt E. H. R. Toone, Spr J. A. Tomlinson, Spr F. H. Ward, Pte W. G. White, Spr G. H. Wilkins, Cpl F. Williams, Pte H. R. Wood, Pte E. Worrall, Spr W. J. Wrigley

This memorial is located in the staff rest area, not available to the public.

Leamington Spa War Memorial

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Leamington Spa Delivery Office
1 Priory Terrace
Leamington Spa
CV31 1AA
United Kingdom