Guide to using Mailmark

Let us help you with Mailmark

Guide to using Mailmark

Let us help you with Mailmark

Find out what Mailmark is, if it’s right for your business and how to go about sending Mailmark enabled mailings

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Support documents to help you with Mailmark

Supply Chain ID and Participant ID setup guide (pdf, 498.18 KB)
This guide explains Supply Chain IDs and Participant IDs – what they are and what you will need to do to set them up.

Creating Supply Chains (pdf, 231.44 KB)
This document explains how to create supply chains and includes details of our exception policies when it is not practical to name the true mail originator in a supply chain.

Go Live checklist (pdf, 127.71 KB)
A useful checklist of all the things you need to do start using Mailmark technology. The Mailmark Team will go through it with you to make sure you’re ready to Go Live. 

Mailmark SCID Request Formxlsx, 19.62 KB

Participant ID requestxlsx, 12.05 KB

If you have a Supply Chain request please email All other Mailmark queries should be directed to your Royal Mail contact or your Network Access carrier.

Royal Mail Mailmark Letter Template Guidepdf, 427.92 KB

Last updated 1 July 2014

Royal Mail Mailmark Large Letter Template Guidepdf, 649.21 KB

Last updated 1 July 2014

You can order the J Tools to use for checking our Mailmark services from the mail supplies section of our website. If you select the Marketing, General Correspondence and Publishing section our full range of J Tools are available, for Mailmark services the items required are Large Letter J Tool Landscape (MISC1311), Large Letter J Tool Portrait (MISC1312) for Large Letter designs and Mailmark letter guide (MISC1462) for Letter Size Items (currently the 2nd, 3rd and 4th options). If you do not already have the guides how to use these you can download the guides from our technical website. If you are not already registered to order our mail supplies or need further assistance with this our Business Service Team are available on 03457 950 950.

Retail user guide

    Royal Mail Mailmark® reporting

    Mailmark Customer Report User Guide

    Changes to Mailmark reporting (pdf, 1.03 MB)

    Mailmark retail SAP codes (pdf, 158.95 KB)