Royal Mail Mailmark®

Mailmark gives you barcode technology and a range of benefits at no extra cost

Royal Mail Mailmark®

Mailmark gives you barcode technology and a range of benefits at no extra cost

With Mailmark you know where your mail is and when it’s going out for delivery.  This accurate reporting can help you better manage resources and control your marketing spend.  You’ll also receive custom online reporting so that you can see the status of your mail and the quality of your address data.

How Mailmark works

When your mail is produced, a Mailmark (barcode) is added.  Details of the mailing are then input onto an e-manifest (electronic list of your consignments) and this is sent to us.  The Mailmark is read as the mail goes through our system generating a personal online report to let you know exactly what’s going on with your mailing.

You can calculate the approximate cost of your Royal Mail Retail mailing and compare costs for different products using our pricing calculator and rate cards.

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 "Mailmark has helped us keep the cost of direct mail down, making it an affordable media -even for those clients mailing at little as 500 items. It has also given us a competitive edge by being able to measure client’s events even better." 

Curtis Morgan, Sales Director, BBS Ltd.

Read BBS Ltd case studypdf, 84.19 KB


By partnering with Royal Mail and using their new product, Mailmark, Cotswold Collections was able to dramatically improve its business management.

Read Cotswold Collections case studypdf, 134.95 KB

Mailmark reporting is changing from 10 December 2020

Royal Mail is in the process of upgrading its Mailmark data warehouse systems and software. As part of this refresh, from 10 December 2020, we are introducing new Mailmark reporting functionality which will enable customers to access simpler daily PDF content, and the new Mailmark Direct Data transfer service that will for the first time automatically supply item data on all your Mailmark items.

As we move away from our legacy systems we, like other Companies, are also taking the opportunity to remove Adobe Flash Player (which is used currently by customers to access Mailmark reports) from our systems. We have set up this page which we recommend you consult from time to time for progress updates on the migration to the new reporting functionality.

For more details please see the Mailmark Reporting Customer Presentationzip, 1.34 MB.

Are you a wholesale customer?

Mailmark is available as an option for machine-readable Access 70, General Mail, Business Mail, Advertising Mail and Responsible Mail. It is not available with non machine-readable or Access 1400.

If you have a Wholesale contract please visit the Wholesale website for further information.

If you use a carrier that is not Royal Mail, you should contact them to see if they are Mailmark enabled.

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