Reproducing stamps

Our stamps are miniature works of art - appreciated, admired and collected by millions around the world. Not surprisingly, we’re often asked by organisations, businesses, publishers and individuals for permission to reproduce these mini masterpieces.

Royal Mail owns or is licensed to use the copyright in the stamps, and actively defends its Intellectual Property from unauthorised use. In order to reproduce a stamp image or other Royal Mail copyright material, you will usually need a licence from us, however if you are:

  • an individual: you may use images of the stamps for critique, review, private study and non-commercial research;
  • an educational establishment: you may use images of the stamps for critique, review, non-commercial research and inclusion in an examination;
  • a news organisation: you may use images of the stamps for critique, review and news reporting of current events.

This is providing that you use an unaltered original image, and your use does not extend beyond the activities above. You will not need to obtain Royal Mail's prior permission. All use should be acknowledged as '© Stamp Design Royal Mail Group Ltd (year)'. Royal Mail provides no warranties in connection with such use. Any modification or alteration to the stamp image will constitute unauthorised use.

If you are a commercial organisation the exceptions above will not generally apply (if in doubt, please seek your own legal advice on the proposed use) and you will be unable to use the stamp images without a permission.

Any commercial license we give will generally be subject to standard licensing conditions including royalty payments/fixed fees, minimum guarantees and advance. If the proposed use is in connection with a commercial purpose and you want to enquire about a licence please contact us on please contact us on

Stamps guidelines (pdf, 1.91 MB)