Concerns about the size or contents of an item

Too big for the letterbox?

If mail is too big to fit through the letterbox then we need someone to be in when we deliver.

If the recipient was out, we should have left a 'Something for you' card, and we may have delivered the item to a neighbour.

  • Look for the 'Something for you' card and read it carefully on the front and the back.
  •  Check with the neighbours.

Were the contents of your mail safe and allowed to be sent through the post?

Some items such as aerosols, matches or even perfumes are considered dangerous goods under transport legislation. They are prohibited from being sent or have restrictions on how they are sent.

Check our list of prohibited and restricted items
Check our Country guides pages for lists of items prohibited or restricted in each country


Do you think your mail contained prohibited or restricted items?

If you think that your mail might contain prohibited or restricted items, then you should do the following:

  • Check with the sender if there was a 'return' address inside the mail.

Ask them if we've contacted them to let them know of any action we may have taken such as disposing of the item or sending part of it back.

If the mail had no return address, and you are the recipient, and you know what prohibited or restricted item was in the mail:

Contact us to explain the situation. Give as much detail about the contents as you can. Our customer services agents will advise you on next steps.


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