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Online Mail Supplies are available to Royal Mail business customers who have a posting account or a Franking or Metering account.

If you have a paid for regular business collection and don’t use a Royal Mail account or a Franking or Metering account, you can also apply if you have a requirement for mailbags in order to post with us.

Your Business Account, Franking Account or Business Collection number must be against your registered address otherwise your request will not be accepted.

Access to the shop can take up to two working days, not including weekends and public holidays. Whilst we will add your email details, if this is not registered on Royal Mail as a business user, access cannot be granted (we do not generally contact you to let you know whether you have been granted access or not).

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The providing of mail supplies is solely in connection with the sending of mail items through Royal Mail by you and in accordance with our General Terms & Conditions. You can view the specific 'Terms & Conditions' for mail supplies which you must accept prior to checkout.

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