Royal Mail Pro Shipping

Our Shipping Solution for advanced shippers

Our parcel shipping solutions are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of online retailers. Pro Shipping is our latest solution for advanced shippers who want to scale up their despatch.

What benefits does Pro Shipping offer you?

Our new Pro Shipping solution has been developed for businesses that require more advanced shipping features and benefits.

  • Scale up your despatch easily with the option to add your account to as many workstations as you need across multiple locations and trading names
  • Save time with automatic printing of labels, so printing carries on in the background while you focus on other important tasks
  • Faster shipment label generation – speed upload, creation, search and print
  • Use a flexible range of file templates to upload your shipment information in bulk
  • Avoid duplicating effort by sharing your file templates with other users on the same account

Pro Shipping is ideal for a hands-on despatch system

  • Automate the processing of electronic customs details for items you're sending internationally
  • Quick access to pre-configured daily shipping reports to see how your shipping process is running
  • Automated end-of-day processes to ensure you're billed correctly for what you send
  • Save time inputting data separately into OBA – Pro Shipping integrates automatically with OBA to streamline your billing process
  • Help build your brand by printing your logo on shipping labels, plus you can use a different logo for each trading name

To explore the capabilities of Pro Shipping why not check out our range of help videos.

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