Bespoke Shipping

Have complete control over your despatch solution

Create, fund and develop a shipping solution to suit your needs

At a Glance 

  • Available with a Royal Mail Business Account
  • Self fund your development costs
  • Own the end-to-end development
  • Scale up as large as you need and integrate with as many delivery options as you like

Bespoke Shipping allows you to integrate your own internal ordering and warehousing systems with your shipping solution. This means you can create labels in a way that suits you and your processes, but which are still in line with the latest Royal Mail designs and specifications.

Things to think about before choosing this option:

  • You'll need to self fund all the development costs, but we'll work with you to achieve the solution you're looking for
  • We have a range of specifications which we'll provide to make sure you create approved label designs and other necessary documentation.

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