Local Collect® API

Local Collect API

Online Business Account customers: offer your customers delivery flexibility with an option to collect their orders from a Post Office® near them

Integrate the Local Collect API from Royal Mail into your system or application to give your customers a choice of more than 10,500 UK Post Offices and flexible pick-up times for their parcel.

At a Glance 

  • Provide customers with an additional free delivery option
  • Offer collection from 10,500 UK Post Office® branches
  • Inspire trust through the Royal Mail and Post Office® brands
  • Integrate it simply into your current system
  • Available in both SOAP and REST formats

What is an API?

An Application Program Interface (API) is a standardised way for different software applications to communicate. The API determines how software components interact, and data is passed between systems, making integration straightforward. Our business APIs give your systems a direct line to Royal Mail’s so you can streamline your operations, saving you time and money, and providing your customers with a better service.

Flexible delivery for all parcels

99.7% of UK homes are within 3 miles of a Post Office® branch, so your customers will always have somewhere convenient from which to collect their package.

Inspire trust in your customer base 

Use the strength of the Royal Mail and the Post Office® brands to retain your customers. 75% of online shoppers trust the Post Office® as an alternative delivery location, while 76% of online shoppers would use an online retailer again if they used Royal Mail for delivery.

Integration and support

If your company uses its own shipping system we can provide you with technical specifications, an API testing environment, and more. For full details visit the API Developer Portal.

What you need to do to offer Local Collect®

Local Collect API

  1. Sign up on the API (Developer) Portal.
  2. Register your application
  3. Request approval.
  4. Test your integration in our sandboxed onboarding environment.
  5. Offer Local Collect through your own systems.

If you have an existing API account and have already registered your application, you will only need to complete steps 3-5 for every additional API you wish to integrate.

Are there any limitations?

  • You’ll need an IT team with previous experience of integrating SOAP or REST based web services.
  • We can’t cover any implementation costs, but the Local Collect API itself is free.