NCOA® Update

Keep track of customers who move house

NCOA® Update (National Change of Address Update) provides trusted, up-to-date address data from our Redirection service, helping you stay in touch with customers who’ve moved.

At a Glance 

  • Lets you keep track of customers who move house
  • Helps you reconnect with lost customers
  • Uses trusted data from our Redirection service

Why choose NCOA Update?

Retaining existing customers is often more cost-effective than finding new ones. With NCOA Update you can maintain contact with your customers when they move home, helping you save money and increase sales. It also lets you reconnect with lapsed customers or ‘goneaways’, and re-establish customer relationships.

How does it work?

NCOA Update gives you the most recent known address for an individual. So, if Mr Smith moved from address A to address B, subsequently to address C and finally to address D, NCOA Update will only output address D, whether address A, B or C is used as the input address. This gives you access to the last available address.

You can choose from daily, weekly or monthly update feeds. In all cases, you’ll receive the most recent data available to update your customer records.

The NCOA® Update file contains approximately 23 million records, and is growing by 100,000 records per month.

Data you can trust

The NCOA Update file is built from our Redirection Service data and uses information taken directly from the Redirection application forms of people who are moving. So your customers have already given us permission to forward their new contact details to organisations that have their old information.

The NCOA Update file contains approximately 23 million records, and continues to grow at the rate of around 100,000 records per month. Each record contains the name of the person who has moved, the address they’ve left and the address they move to.

Email and phone data coming soon

In the digital age, a customer changing their email address can be just as costly to your business as a customer moving house. So, in the near future, NCOA Update will offer you a separate file containing customers’ email address and telephone numbers. Being able to update these details as well as their address information will make multi-channel communication easier and more cost-effective.

How much does it cost?

You can purchase NCOA Update through an authorised reseller or directly from Royal Mail. If you buy the NCOA Update service directly from Royal Mail, we can offer you a competitive, fixed price market rate for the service. This will depend on the size of your database and number of matches. Just contact us to find out more.


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