Tools and advice for growing your business

Have you recently started selling online or are you looking to move online and grow your business? This is our guide to make selling online and sending parcels easier.

Tools and advice for growing your business

Have you recently started selling online or are you looking to move online and grow your business? This is our guide to make selling online and sending parcels easier.

Sending parcels is easier than you think

  • Sell online quickly through our partner marketplaces
  • Buy postage online as part of the transaction on the marketplace
  • Or buy postage with Click & Drop or the Royal Mail App. Anyone can buy postage online, whether you’re sending one or hundreds of items.
  • Print your label at home and you can drop it into one of our 14,000 parcel drop points, including our 24/7 Parcel Postboxes or a Post Office branch – find one near you.

Getting set up

Get set up on our partner marketplaces

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Partner marketplaces

Buy postage quickly online

Buy postage as part of the marketplace transaction, or using the Royal Mail App or our tool Click & Drop
Get going now

Print your postage at home

Print your postage and drop it off at a Parcel Postbox or Post Office branch
Find one near you on our app
Ready to send? Practical tips for preparing your mail

Have you tried our parcel postboxes?

The Parcel Postbox has always been a fantastic resource for us, but even more so now, as we have shifted so much of our business online!"

Camilla, The Herb & Spice Co.

How it works

1. Buy postage online

2. Print your label at home

3. Drop off your item at your local 24/7 Parcel Postbox

Find your nearest Parcel Postbox in seconds to drop off your orders, day or night

  • Parcel Postboxes are perfect for a fast and easy local drop off, and if you’ve bought your postage via our app you can even get a Proof of Postage on the app too
  • If you’re returning an item, simply stick your return label on your item and drop it off
  • If you’re sending an item you can go to Click & Drop, or the Royal Mail App to buy your postage, print your label at home and then drop off in a Parcel Postbox
  • To find your nearest Parcel Postbox, download the Royal Mail App here

“Within days of the lockdown we were getting orders in from all over the U.K and almost all have been through Ebay. As I have had a mix of orders through Ebay and Shopify it worked really well (as always!) using the Click & Drop dashboard as I can see my orders from each different selling platform.”

Camilla, The Herb & Spice Co.

Rather not leave home? Try our new Parcel Collect service

How to arrange a parcel collection

Postie collecting a parcel from a customer at their front door
  1. Buy postage with Click & Drop
  2. Select the items you wish to send and input the recipient and sender details.
  3. Once the items are in your basket, select the “Arrange collection” option.
  4. You can then add the collection details, select the day of your collection and proceed to checkout as normal.
  5. Print your label yourself at home and affix to your parcel, ready for collection.

Buy Postage


Already have your label? Book a collection for your item or for a return here. You will need to know your tracking number, you can find this on the label.

Book Collection

Business collections

If you're sending a lot of mail with us and have a Royal Mail Business Account, you may be better suited to our business collections service.

Make sure your mail gets to your customers as quickly as possible with our flexible, cost-effective business collections. From one-off to regular weekday collections, we’ll arrange something to suit your needs.

  • Arrange a one-off, regular weekday, or Saturday collection
  • Let us find a time slot – or specify one if you prefer
  • Get a free weekday collection if you spend over £17,000 a year with us. Find out how

Case studies

Spice Kitchen

Since Sanjay founded Spice Kitchen in 2013, Royal Mail services have helped the business grow. Watch Sanjay explain how the great features of Click & Drop and Royal Mail services has benefited not only his business, but also his customers.

Herb & Spice Co

The Herb & Spice Co used to sell mostly offline, but through the first lockdown that began to change. Watch to see how Camilla used Royal Mail services to help her business thrive online with Click & Drop and her local Parcel Postbox.

Heavenly Homes & Gardens

Jade started selling refurbished items on eBay to earn money to pay off her student loan. When her store became successful, she quit her job as a lawyer to run the business full-time.

Last September, the success of her eBay store enabled her to open a bricks and mortar business in Ross-on-Wye. Due to Coronavirus she has had to close the store but continues to see demand via her online channels (eBay and her own website).

Jade has a Royal Mail Business Account and has daily collections from her shop.

Due to social distancing, Jade moves the parcels outside for collection and communicates with the delivery driver through the windows, putting the documents through the post box. Jade told us how this was a lovely part of her day, as he’s always so friendly and takes the time to chat through the window.

Photograph of Jade from Heavenly Homes & Gardens