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Cancel your Business Redirection

Please take care to complete all the fields on this form, accurately and completely. We use this information to validate your identify. Failure to do so will result in Royal Mail being unable to cancel the Redirection and your application will be returned.

If it helps, we always write to you when we set up a Redirection so check the confirmation letter we sent to you. This will ensure that the details we ask for on this form are the same as you originally sent us.

Before you start

This form should be completed by the person who requested the Redirection. They will need to supply:

  • Your contact details
  • The details of your organisation
  • Where your mail was being redirected from and to
  • Your 9 digit Redirection reference number
  • Your requested cancellation date
  • How you paid for the Redirection (please note that if you paid by account you should not complete this form and instead contact your Account Manager)