International shipping guide

Information and resources for international business parcels and mail

International shipping guide

Information and resources for international business parcels and mail

Service user guides

Download the International Business Parcels user guidepdf, 3.59 MB for detailed information on our Tracked, Signed and Standard (untracked) parcel delivery services.

Download the International Business Mail user guidepdf, 1.85 MB to find out about sending business letters abroad.

International Business Printed Matter User Guidepdf, 3.29 MB

International Business Non-Personal and Personal Correspondence User Guidepdf, 2.16 MB

Delivery Duties Paid User Guidepdf, 4.74 MB


Prohibited and restricted items

It is your responsibility to check if items you send are prohibited or subject to restrictions. See our prohibitions and restrictions guide for UK and international mail.

We restrict a lot of everyday items, including aerosols, nail varnishes, perfumes and aftershaves. However, business users can send some of these items to some European countries using our International Tracked and Signed service. For more details, check our International Business Parcels user guidepdf, 3.59 MB.


Country guides

Read our detailed country guides to help you choose the right mail service for your destination and requirements. You can check if you need to fill out customs information, read about prohibited and restricted items for that country and learn the best way to address your item.

Electronic customs data

When you send mail from the UK to destinations that are in a different customs union, we require you to provide electronic customs data. This is to satisfy existing and future legal, security and customs requirements in destination countries.
Find out more

The Import One Stop Shop (IOSS)

Items imported into the EU with a value of €22 or less are no longer exempt from VAT. This means that all goods sent directly from GB to consumers in the EU, via online marketplaces and sales which are made directly will be subject to the local rate of VAT in the receiving customers country. The EU’s Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) can help you get started or continue to trade goods from GB into the EU. You can either register and file your own tax returns or we can assist you with this process via the new IOSS Registration and Filing Service offered by Deloitte. If you don’t want to register yourself we also have Taxamo Assure, an innovative pay as you go solution which is perfect if you simply want to concentrate on selling. For further details about Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) and how Royal Mail can help please visit here.

Addressing international mail

Read our guide to address formats, which tells you how to write addresses for 40 countries – to help us deliver your item quickly and to the right place.


World mail zones map

Royal Mail services are priced according to geographical zones: UK, Europe, and world zones 1 and 2.

View our map and tables of world zones


International incidents and public holidays

Sometimes incidents or ongoing situations in different countries can affect mail services, causing delays and other problems.

We regularly update our International Incident Bulletin. If you send a lot of items abroad – or frequently receive items from abroad – you may want to bookmark this page, and complete the form to receive email updates.

Public holidays can also delay mail - check this list of international holidays so that you can factor in more delivery time when needed.


International sanctions

Some countries and international organisations impose restrictions – also known as sanctions – on what you can send to certain individuals, organisations or destinations.

Sanctions can take many forms but are generally intended to prevent certain goods, services, finance and knowledge being supplied to particular recipients.

Read more about international sanctions

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