The challenge

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In the current climate of uncertainty triggered by the recent EU referendum, it's more difficult than ever to secure budget and justify marketing spend.

A look at the Global Marketing Index1 indicates that marketing budgets, on the rise in Europe over the past four years, dropped-off after June this year and in recent developments, the chancellor's Autumn Statement2 downgraded the growth forecast for next year due to higher inflation and economic uncertainty.

Developments in effectiveness

So the pressure is on to get proven results from marketing spend and ideally, to present the effectiveness of your campaign plan as a foregone conclusion. In the search for a new certainty, the 'science' of effectiveness has come into its own. 18 months ago, Nina Bibby, CMO of mobile operator O2, set up a cross-divisional team dedicated solely to ensuring and proving effectiveness3. Having an impartial effectiveness 'engine' revealing the truth about customers behaviour, drove positive changes such as dropping the 'be more dog' campaign, which led to better commercial results.

At Royal Mail MarketReach, we have a team of experts leading in current thinking on the effectiveness of mail and multi-channel marketing. We recently ran our innovative 'Effectiveness Week' of discussions which explored the power of effectiveness and its potential to drive future business and brand decisions.

Tuning into consumers problems and understanding their fundamental needs and preferences based on proven behaviour over time, is the constant that can help deliver in a landscape of sharp turns and unpredictable ups and downs. Long term planning and strategy based on known facts can create the strong framework you need to support short-term flexible responses to unexpected opportunities.

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How to create effective marketing campaigns

Our research has revealed four key reasons for adding mail to your marketing mix:

  • Why it's a bonus to add mail to the marketing mix
  • How mail can appeal to customers at any stage in life
  • Measurements of the emotional impact of mail
  • The commercial benefits of mail
Effectiveness stats sample

*living at home with their parents


Nickable content

We have a long term commitment to help businesses get the best value from investment in mail. Our research on effective mail is now available as 'nickable content' from our Mail Toolkit, launched recently. It includes a huge range of ready to use content including presentations, stats, case studies and research reports.

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It also features our new Insights Engine which lets you build and download custom research reports based on your target audience.

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The Marketing Effectiveness Infographic download was produced in association with Marketing Week