For the past ten years, we've commissioned Delivery Matters research looking at the attitudes of online shoppers in the UK and around the globe.

This independent study provides insights into consumer attitudes towards
e-commerce and fulfilment.


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Find out about online shoppers' expectations in the UK and abroad in 2018.


Trust Royal Mail  

Year on year, Royal Mail continues to be the most trusted national delivery company.

Trust translates into sales: 61% would be more likely to use a retailer if Royal Mail is delivering.

That's because Royal Mail delivers a service online shoppers trust.

Savvy shoppers looking for bargains


Amid the current political and economic uncertainty being experienced in the UK, shoppers are more motivated to search for greater value for money. And our survey shows they’re finding it online. Digitally savvy shoppers are shunning more traditional channels, playing online against in-store to find the best deals.

UK and International editions

Our 2018 Delivery Matters UK and Delivery Matters Christmas reports are now available for you to download. You can also see our 2018 research for the USA, Australia and Germany. Coming soon, you'll be able to access more of our latest International and Returns research. You can also take a look at our country reports from 2017 and 2016.

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Country Availability
DIY and Gardening 2018 Download now
Healthcare 2018 Download now
Beauty and Wellness 2018 Download now
Fashion and Footwear 2018 Download now
Returns 2018 Download now
UK 2018 Download now
Christmas 2018 Download now
USA 2018 Download now
Australia 2018 Download now
France 2018 Download now
Germany 2018 Download now
Spain 2018 Download now
Israel 2018 Download now
Ireland 2017 Download now
Online Marketplaces 2017 Download now
China 2017 Download now
Sweden 2017 Download now
International Summary 2017 Download now
India 2016 Download now
Russia 2016 Download now
Italy 2016 Download now
Japan 2016 Download now
Canada 2016 Download now

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