Selling on online marketplaces?

Whether you’re set up on Amazon Seller Central, you’re selling on eBay, or you’ve got an Etsy shop, Royal Mail can help

Have you just made your first Amazon sale? Or are you an established eBay best seller? No matter what size your online business is, we can help your business grow. From building a great seller reputation to despatching orders quickly and smoothly, we understand the challenges you face. And we have the expertise to help you succeed and make money online.

Shipping goods is easy with our range of services. We offer a choice of delivery speeds, plus options like tracking to give your customers peace of mind. We can make your life easier too. We can help you import order details automatically to pay and print postage from home. Or collect your marketplace mail to save you trips to the Post Office®.

If it’s advice you’re after, our customer services managers are always happy to help. Plus we’ve got lots of valuable insight for you, starting right here.

Royal Mail - the perfect partner for online marketplace sellers

From postage and shipping services to business collections, we can help get your goods to your customers
Find out how Royal Mail can help your online marketplace business grow

Getting a five-star customer rating as an online seller

Improving your customer ratings can boost your visibility and your online marketplace sales. Learn how to get and keep a rock-solid reputation as an online seller
Learn how to get a great seller rating online

Making your online marketplace business more efficient

Developing an efficient strategy can expand your online business. Find out how to save time and money as an online marketplace seller
Spend less time and money on every sale

Selling abroad - go global with your online marketplace business

Expanding into the global market could be the next step for your online marketplace business. Find out how to make the most of international trade
Go international and grow your business

Do you run an online marketplace?

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you manage queries from your customers about items they have sent with Royal Mail.

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