Direct mail: the marketing channel you might have missed

Looking for a new angle for your marketing? Direct mail can complement your digital activity. Plus it’s simpler and more affordable than you think.

In a world of social media and booming online businesses, it’s tempting to focus your marketing on digital channels. That would be a mistake - mail stands out because it’s tangible, personal, and it’s proven to drive results. So, whether you want to reach new customers or engage those you’re already doing business with, sending physical mail is a proven way to create maximum impact. What’s more, it can really complement your digital efforts.

Simple steps for planning direct mail

  • Consider what you are sending
  • Think about what message you want to convey
  • Decide if you want to use other channels alongside mail
  • Consider the role of your mail piece in context of wider marketing activity
  • Ensure you have clear objectives

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of advertising mail is engaged with and only 6% is discarded or unopened

JICMAIL Item Data Q2 ’17 to Q4 ’19 (engaged with means opened, read, sorted, put aside for later, filed, put on display or in the ‘usual place’)

of UK adults bought something or made a payment or donation as a result of receiving mail

Touchpoints 2019: SuperHub Database - ©IPA 2019
Customer signing for a delivery from her postman

Direct mail works for businesses big and small

We have partners across the UK who can help with your mailouts. With Mail Made Easy you can easily find a mail provider who can provide expert support covering all types of mail from door drops, catalogues to addressed mail and more.  If you’re new to mail, you can even get discounts on your first mailings.


of people describe mail as believable compared to 48% for email

Royal Mail MarketReach, Kantar TNS, 2017

of advertising mail stays in the home for over 4 weeks

JICMAIL, Kantar TNS, 2017

Mail stands out

Direct mail connects with customers, and will stand out alongside digital marketing. As a powerful and personal one-to-one channel, you can put your brand right into the hands of the customers you want to reach.

Use mail for business correspondence, transactional mail, such as bills, contracts, statements and invoices as well as using it as part of your marketing mix.

If you have an account manager, get in touch to find out more or open a Royal Mail Business Account to access discounts on your mail.

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