10 ways to attract new customers – how to grow your business

Give your online business a boost with these ideas for getting new customers

The proportion of money Brits spend online keeps growing year on year. With the average person spending £76 per month online*, it’s never been more important to get your online store right. The hard work won’t stop either. Once your products are out there, you’ll need to focus on retention, finding new customers, and which tools will help you to do it. But don’t worry  if you need new ideas – we’ve got 10 top tips for growing your online business.

1.    Make sure your customer data is accurate

Having correct details for customers is essential for anyone selling online. That’s true right from the point a customer first gives you their details. Address finder services such as AddressNow Capture find and validate UK address data at the point of capture to eliminate mistakes caused by manual entry. So, right from the off, you can feel confident that all products and marketing materials will be sent to the right address. This will help prevent missed deliveries and reduce the pressure on your customer support team. It’ll also mean you don’t have to clean up your database at a later stage.


the amount the average person in Britain spends online per month*

Accompanying illustration of a sports goods, a hat, a bag, and various food

2.    Give great customer service

Your business wouldn’t be anywhere without your buyers, so make sure your customer service is brilliant. Actively seek feedback from customers and respond to email or social media requests. This will show you’re interested in what they have to say, making them more likely to recommend you.

3.    Provide easy-to-use online forms and checkouts

Improve conversion rates by saving your customers’ time when they’re conducting a postcode search. If someone can’t find their address when paying or registering their details, they could leave, losing you a valuable sale. Use tools such as AddressNow Capture so customers can find a postcode easily. It could lead to fewer abandoned baskets and more sign-up forms. 

4.    Update your social media 

According to ecommerce platform Magento, ‘Avoiding social media simply isn’t an option if you want to compete online.’ Having a social media presence, backed up by a social strategy, is a must for online sellers. Update your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages regularly to showcase your latest products and offers. You can also share engaging and entertaining content drawing people to your brand, or let your followers know the latest brand news.

5.    Get on mobile

In 2018, 39% of online shoppers used their smart phones to buy*. Stay ahead of the game by making sure your ecommerce store is fully optimised for mobile. That means having a mobile-friendly version of your site that’s easy to navigate. You should also improve the functionality so it can adapt to different devices. You may also want to launch a dedicated app to make the shopping process simpler for customers.

6.     Share your brand values with customers

Create a dedicated area on your site that tells your brand story and values. This will help customers recognise your brand as an authority and see that you’re credible. This could take the form of an About page or a Testimonials section. Give your online shop a clear identity and make sure you get across what makes you stand out.


of online shoppers use their smartphones to buy

7.    Get organised with deliveries

You need to get goods to customers on time and without charging them too much. Or don’t charge them at all – 45% of online shoppers expect no minimum spend to get free delivery*. You should also use AddressNow Capture to make sure all address data is accurate. This will reduce the risk of missed deliveries and help customers find an address easily.

8.    Build a relationship with customers

Don’t let communication with your buyers drop off after they make a purchase. Use email and direct marketing to build a relationship with them, earn their trust and make sure you’re front of mind for any future purchases.

9.    Use SEO to attract new buyers

Grow your customer base by raising the profile of your online store. You can do this through search engine optimisation (SEO), so your online store ranks higher on Google. Use keyword research tools to find out which phrases your target audience is searching for. Then optimise on-site content (including product descriptions and meta descriptions) to reflect the language your customers are using.

10.    Regularly test your site 

A well-designed, user-friendly online store will drive the most conversions. You can find out what messaging, layout and pricing options work best, by A/B testing your site. This will allow you to test engagement levels on two different versions of the same page.


*Delivery Matters 2018, Trinity McQueen

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