As a result of Covid-19 and the restrictions that were placed on individuals’ movements, Royal Mail took the decision at the end of March to extend its postmarking facilities for all Special Stamp issues until further notice. We promised that we would announce at the appropriate time when this extension would end and give customers sufficient notice of the cut-off period for accepting covers retrospectively. With these restrictions now being gradually eased throughout the UK we will revert to the normal postmarking rules from Thursday, 1st October. This means that Royal Mail First Day Covers for the following Special Stamp Issues will come off sale at midnight on that day and any covers submitted for postmarking bearing stamps from these issues must be received by Special Handstamp Centres by this date.

The Romantic Poets
End of the Second World War
Coronation Street
Roman Britain
The Palace of Westminster
Rupert Bear

The normal postmarking rules will apply to the Brilliant Bugs stamp issue which means that the Royal Mail First Day Covers will be available up until midnight on the First Day of Issue, 1st October.

We are sorry for the delay in publishing the latest edition of Postmark Bulletin which was due to a number of postmarks having to be withdrawn at the last minute as a result of unforeseen circumstances. This has also led to eight postmark numbers that were initially allocated not being used, resulting in a gap in the number sequencing.

Please Note: There are delays with the following postmarks Birmingham (4181), Stratford Upon Avon (4182), Newcastle Upon Tyne (4183), York (4184), Edinburgh (4185), Glasgow (4186), Belfast (4187), Carrickfergus (4188), Cardiff (5107), Caernarfon (4191).
We would like to apologise for this delay and any inconvenience this may cause.


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Number, Sponsor, Handstamp centre
15173, The Westminster Collection Ltd, LONDON SHC
15174, Internet Stamps,    LONDON SHC
15175, Royal Mail, LONDON SHC
15176, Benham, LONDON SHC



Number, Sponsor, Handstamp centre
15177, Benham, WALES & WEST SHC
15178, Benham, LONDON SHC
15179, Benham, LONDON SHC
15180, Benham, LONDON SHC



Number, Sponsor, Handstamp centre
15181, Mr P M Payne (Peter Barrett), LONDON SHC
15182, Internet Stamps, LONDON SHC
15190, Internet Stamps, Northern SHC
15191, Royal Mail, LONDON SHC



Number, Sponsor, Handstamp centre
15192, Royal Mail, LONDON SHC - ALL SHC'S
15193, The Westminster Collection Ltd, LONDON SHC
15194, Royal Mail, LONDON SHC
15195, BFPS, BFPO



Number, Sponsor, Handstamp centre
15196, The Westminster Collection Ltd, WALES & WEST SHC
15197, Internet Stamps, LONDON SHC
15198, Internet Stamps, LONDON SHC
15199, Internet Stamps, NORTHERN SHC



Number, Sponsor, Handstamp centre
15200, Cotswold & Stuart, NORTHERN SHC
15201, Ian Balcombe, LONDON SHC


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