Christmas is in good hands

The festive period is here! Did you know that we've expanded our capacity, upgraded our technology, and offer a wide range of services and benefits in order to deliver our best Christmas for you. Delivered by our trustworthy posties your Christmas parcels are in good hands.

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What's in Store for You:

Your Holiday Heroes: Picture 85,000 dedicated posties working tirelessly to bring your holiday parcels to your doorstep. That's our commitment to making your celebrations special.

Save with Online Postage: Tired of holiday hassles? Buy your postage online and enjoy not only the luxury of saving time but also the added bonus of free parcel collection for online purchases.**

No Printer, No Problem: Printing labels can be a real ink-sucker. Fret not! With Parcel Collect, we're not just picking up your parcel; we're bringing the label too, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Follow Your Festive Parcels: Ever wondered where your holiday surprises are? Tracked 24 and 48 let you keep tabs on your parcel's journey. And when you buy online with our collection service*, you'll enjoy not just convenience but you could benefit from some savings too.

Your Schedule, Your Way: With Parcel Collect, we're introducing flexibility. No need to be at home; we can collect from a safe place for free.** Because we know you've got holiday plans!

New super dooper sorting hub: Our new Super Hub is set to process an extra 850,000 parcels a day, and it spans 30 acres. That’s a lot of additional sorting space – enough to house 14 jumbo jets! We’re adding more vans and hands in November and December to tackle the rush.

And here's an environmentally friendly bonus – we're proud to be recognised as the UK's greenest delivery partner. Thanks to our feet on the street, we boast the lowest recorded gCO2e emissions per parcel among major UK delivery companies. Your deliveries with us contribute to a greener planet.

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* Savings based on online parcel prices compared to over-the-counter prices. Excludes International Economy.

** Parcel Collect is free until 31 January 2024.

✝ When measured in terms of the CO2e emissions per parcel reported by the UK parcel delivery companies that currently publicly report these statistics.